There’s nothing like a good WWII dogfight to get the adrenaline pumping and Medal of Gunner game sure packs a lot of action. This flying first person shooter (FPS) puts you in the cockpit to take on WWII bad guys and true to era likeness, you have to protect your fighter from Left and Right Waist, Top, Ball, Bomb and Tall turrets. It’s frantic, but a lot of fun.
Once launched, Medal of Gunner forces you to go through the tutorial. I could have done without this as the controls are super easy to use and very intuitive. The controls can be set to tilt or joystick. I prefer the joystick setting, which allows you to use your thumb to control your gunner turret. The virtual joystick is set on the left side and you need only to drag your thumb to reposition.
But enough of controls, let’s dive into gameplay. I was a little skeptical about being fixed into the FPS mode for a shooter as I like to be able to fly the planes around, but after one quick run through I was hooked. The frantic fighting is all that you have time to focus on, which is good since it’s a lot of fun shooting down the enemy. The game is basically setup to have mini missions within levels. For instance, you’ll start out in Left Waist and have X amount of fighters to shoot down and then you’ll have to tap out to Ball and shoot down enemies there.
As for the actual shooting, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of, but one tip is to lead your enemy. This means to point at where they’re going and not where they are. This will greatly improve your accuracy and thus your kill count. Also, make sure to upgrade your bullets right away as the bullets you start out with aren’t as damaging. This becomes an essential upgrade later in the game as fighters come from all angles and it’s imperative to shoot them down quickly to move to the next before you’re shot out of the air.
Visually, Medal of Gunner does a superb job of offering quality graphics with realistic textures all the while keeping animation smooth. This was key in keeping the gameplay fun. There’s nothing worse than a great looking game that jitters and jumps every time the engine is overloaded with multiple enemies. Luckily, this is jitter free, but you may jump out of your boots once you see five bogeys on your tail. If you’re into fighters, Medal of Gunner is a solid game that you’ll enjoy for a long time.