Have you ever thought about making money with your iPhone? The Mobile Rewards app lets you do just that. Don’t get too excited. You won’t be making a huge amount of money, but there are some easy tasks on here that can make you a few dollars if you are interested in them.
The concept of Mobile Rewards is that you complete offers to earn points. Gather enough points and they can either be redeemed for cash via Paypal, or trade them in for Facebook credits. Most of the tasks are simple. Expect to earn points by: signing up for a service, watching a video on YouTube, sharing a link on Facebook or, sometimes, downloading app. Although most tasks don’t require any money, some offers may convert to paid subscriptions so always read the fine print before signing up.
If you have ever used one of those survey sites for money, then Mobile Rewards will seem very familiar. At the same time, this app does have a few additional benefits. In addition to filling out surveys or completing offers, Mobile Rewards includes a few new ways to earn points. Users can also download apps, watch YouTube videos, or complete social media tasks such as liking a Facebook page.
Most of the offers are very easy to complete. You click on an offer to see its terms. You then complete the terms, and Mobile Rewards will credit your account. This works most of the time. According to tests, about 95 percent of all offers are quickly and correctly registered. While 100 percent would be best, this average is better than what you get from most survey sites. Some sites are as low as 70 percent, but most are around 80 to 90 percent accurate.
Earning Money with Mobile Rewards
Now the question that is on everyone’s mind: how much money can you make from all these rewards? Each point earned in Mobile Rewards is equal to $0.01. That means you can cash out $1 for every 100 points, and you need $10 to get a payout. Note that the App Store terms of service prohibit paid compensation for downloading apps, so points earned for apps can only be redeemed for Facebook credits.
Getting 1,000 points can be difficult depending on your dedication, but it’s far from impossible. Although, you probably won’t make it from watching YouTube videos, which is only worth one point. Larger payouts will either take a serious investment of time, or you will need to participate in surveys and other offers. If you’re in the market for such services, you may find that the free trial membership at the gym is a win-win situation.
While it’s nothing to write home about, Mobile Rewards has a functional design that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Finding rewards and offers is simple, as is accessing your account information.
Most people won’t find the money they earn from Mobile Rewards to be that amazing. However, the app has more to offer than your garden-variety “get paid for surveys” website. As long as you don’t expect to get rich, you can enjoy the game of earning points and maybe earn enough to buy a few more apps for your iPhone.