What first began as a Flash 9 game on the Internet, Perfect Balance: Harmony for iPhone and iPod touch is puzzle game that strikes a perfect balance of value for price and entertainment. Perfect Balance: Harmony contains over 60 levels of geometric stacking and balancing that requires a bit of thought, a bit of balance and a somewhat steady finger. Available at a sale price of .99, Perfect Balance: Harmony is worth checking out if you enjoy similar stacking games like Topple.
Perfect Balance: Harmony is not going to awe you with amazing graphics, but the game’s premise doesn’t need a lot of flashiness to back it up. It’s a simple premise that pits players loosely against basic laws of physics. For each level, you are provided with a stationary geometric shape or two in the stacking field. Your objective is to balance the non-stationary geometric shapes provided by dragging and placing them in the stacking field. When you’ve achieve perfect balance in your stacking, you advance to the next level.
When I first started Perfect Balance: Harmony, I noticed there were 20 levels to begin with. I advanced through those first 20 fairly quickly and thought I was about to be disappointed when I finished level 19 as I assumed the game was almost finished. To my pleasant surprise, another 20 became available. By providing multiple levels, the developer, ttursas Ltd., has given users longevity that some .99 games lack.
Besides its price value, Perfect Balance: Harmony gives players a relaxing, non-taxing, puzzle to work. Perfect Balance: Harmony is an ideal game for downtime or passing the time. Harmonious music plays quietly in the background as you work out how to balance all your shapes against the stationary ones. It doesn’t appear that there is only one solution to each puzzle, which is an aspect I appreciate. In other words, it’s not so much a brainteaser as a lightweight logic workout with flexibility. The controls are viable, though not perfect, and don’t require awkward ambidextrous maneuvers.
For the current price, Perfect Balance: Harmony is a worthy download for those who enjoy this genre. It is neither frustrating nor mindless and is easy to learn and play. Overall Perfect Balance: Harmony is a good, worthwhile game.
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