Photos of Fire by Rogue Team is one of those apps about which there is not much to say. You take a photo. You make it look like the photo is burning. Repeat.
Photos of Fire simulates flames on your iPhone’s screen. The sound of the flame and visuals are realistic and well-done. Like iSteam, you blow in the iPhone’s microphone to affect the app. Both blowing in the microphone and touching the screen with your fingertip increase the flame’s intensity and size.
You can either choose to “burn” a picture in your photo album or take a new photo to burn with Photos of Fire. Either way, each photo burns exactly the same way over about five seconds: same flame shape, same rapid rate of burn once the photo catches fire.
It is fun to burn up your friends or ex-friends a couple of times with Photos of Fire. Maybe you can even briefly release some stress by taking a screenshot of the burning photo and emailing it to your ex. But after a couple of minutes, this app falls flat. Unlike iBeer or iFart, Photos of Fire will not grab people’s attention at a party. And unlike iSteam, there is no way to use this app creatively or artistically.
Photos of Fire only does one thing, although it does it well it does not feel like enough. Perhaps Photos of Fire is best left for teenagers who go through their relationships more quickly (hopefully) than the rest of us.
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category: Entertainment, Photo Effects