River Cross Logic Puzzle Game will seem familiar to you if you liked to solve logic games in your youth. Developed by Taylor Steil, River Cross offers you four classic logic puzzles, reminiscent of those you did in elementary school, except back then most of us had pens and paper, not iPhones.
Whether or not you appreciate River Cross will depend on your affinity for logic puzzle games. The puzzles are brain-benders, designed to get you using your noggin. I figured out the first one right away but gave up on the second (and third and fourth) after about ten minutes.
The first River Cross Logic Puzzle is easy. You need to get a farmer, a chicken and a bag of grain across a river but only two can be on the raft at the same time. The farmer must be the pilot and the grain and chicken cannot be alone together or the chicken will eat the grain. There are also two medium-difficulty puzzles and one hard one. In level two, three chickens and three foxes need to cross the river; you can imagine the potential predatory dangers for these animals as they travel together. Levels three and four involve crossing entire families where certain members cannot be alone with each other.
River Cross Logic Puzzle Game is a pretty straightforward application. The graphics for this game are artfully hand-drawn. The characters and raft move when you tap them. At the bottom of your screen, you can tap “rules” to review a list of traveling guidelines for your cast of characters.
River Cross Logic Puzzle Game comes with 4 puzzles to solve. How long it takes you will depend on your skill level. If you tend to enjoy logic puzzles, you won’t mind paying a buck for River Cross. If you’re not so fond of logic games, then move along and leave those chickens, foxes and families alone.