Nine Inch Nails’ front man Trent Reznor recently assailed Apple for blocking an update to the band’s iPhone app because it used “objectionable words.” Apple has long maintained that only G-rated material would make it to the display windows of the App Store.
Despite this recent dust up, Apple looks to be prepared to loosen its standards with the release of OS 3.0 apps over the summer. The reason? The ability to set parental controls, which Apple says will permit more adult-oriented apps to pass through the review process.
AppCraver decided to round up 10 adult-themed apps currently available to keep your groove on and that may be candidates for updates to the 17-years-old-plus crowd:
iRomance,-Romance Dice/Cards for Either Sex, from Nick Humphrey, aims to get couples “in the mood,” using cards that require players to engage as massaging, rubbing, touching, kissing and caressing their partner. Oh, there’s oiling, when motors start racing. It’s fun in groups too, Humphrey says. Price: $0.99
What’s Your Sex Appeal?, from LOLiffic Stuff, consists of a 20-question quiz designed so you can figure figure out just how sexy you appear to others.. Price $1.99
Peekababe, from Sookie Solutions features young women in lingerie and skimpy outfits. Flick and twist your wrist to undress and dress them. Price: $0.99
The Sexy Ladies of SHOW , from (cough) Wapslap, contains images of voluptuous maidens in various stages of undress. You can save and share images too, which probably explains why the app has gotten rave reviews. Price: $0.99
aPix Hotties, from FunMobility promises “endless sexy pictures of girls and hunks.” Who’s hot and who’s not? Upload your image and may be you’ll meet someone or win a contest. Price $0.99
iStrip-Sexy Pen, from Rock Cottage Industries, is not your old man’s fountain pen. iStrip, which the dev says is a best-seller, will undress lasses with motion control. Price: $0.99
Bikini Blast, from Smartphone Technologies, features “500-plus sizzling bikini wallpapers,” for your iPhone and iPod touch. It’s gotten four and a half stars based on 1107 ratings, so there must be something to viewing “beach babes, blonde bombshells and ravishing redheads.” Price: $0.99
Wobble, from Glentwood, almost didn’t pass muster in the App Store. Apple required the developer to update its app to make it more family friendly while under review. Select a hottie or hunk from your camera roll, add a couple of “wobble targets” and shake to bump, grind and whatever else is on your mind. Price: $1.99
iJiggly-Bikini, from Shroomies, is not your ordinary shake and bake bikini app. iJiggle-Bikini features images in 3D, so “things” don’t lose volume and so the jiggling seems more realistic. It’s the first app that lets you jiggle everything, Shroomies says. Price: $0.99
Sexy Fun Dating-For Sexy Singles, from Sexy Fun Dating, hooks you up with the ability to send kisses, flirt and send messages. Price: $4.99
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