super note
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store
Are you stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to note taking? If you have an iOS device and are still using a pen and pad, it might be time to upgrade. Whether you are new to note taking apps or an organizational expert that can’t live without them, Super Note: Recorder and Notes offers a better way to take notes.
This note taking app from the developers at Heavy Duty Apps is exactly what its name implies, a super way to take notes.
Super Note: Recorder and Notes provides a simple and extremely organized way to take notes. The first thing I noticed when using the app was the design. Super Note: Recorder and Notes looks fantastic, and is not your boring and bare bones note recorder.
The app offers a color-coordinated menu that separates your notes by four categories: Notes, Memos, Meeting and Lectures. Those categories are preloaded on Super Note: Recorder and Notes and can be changed to fit your specific needs by changing their names under the settings menu.
One option I really loved about Super Note: Recorder and Notes was the ability to use text and recordings on the same note. I imagine that using the Super Note: Recorder and notes app to record a lecture would make the process so much easier. You could record a lecture and take notes on the sections that seem most relevant to you all at the same time. I have been out of college for quite some time, but I imagine that if I had this app when I was in school I would have gotten better grades.
Another fantastic option on Super Note: Recorder and Notes is the ability to set a specific reminder for each note that you take. A small alarm will go off and your note will pop up reminding of whatever task you needed to complete. The app also allows you to email your notes, access them on another device as well as send them to Facebook and Twitter.
Super Note: Recorder and Notes offers organizational bliss. It does the same things other note recorder apps do, but just in a more efficient and visually pleasing way. I do not usually use note taking apps, but I understand how useful Super Note can be for those Appcraver users that do.
Super Note: Recorder and Notes is a well made and beautifully designed app and is a must have for people who wish to be more organized.