If you need a little help getting conversation started during your next dinner party, date night or even lunch with co-workers, then TableTopics mobile may be the answer. Based on the physical TableTopics “cube,” a collection of conversation starter cards, this app lets you take two sets of 60 questions to prompt conversation with you wherever you go.
TableTopics comes with a starter set and the Happy Hour set for a total of 120 unique questions. Most of the questions are geared towards anybody, but a few are more age-appropriate for adults. None are particularly provocative, so you don’t have to worry about your audience. In fact, most are just really good prompts to keep conversation flowing. Examples are “What do you wish you were better at saying no to?” and “Which mystery or unsolved case would you like to know the truth about?”. If you do happen upon a question you don’t want asked, just move it the “hidden questions” tab and it won’t come up again.
TableTopics is an ideal way to start conversations and get to know people’s thoughts and feelings on a variety of things. Users can play through a whole set of questions or just see where each question leads the conversation. Ideal scenarios for TableTopics are of course meals, but it could also be used for travel, team building, and other group events. The questions are varied enough that conversation can (and should) take several different paths. If you play through all 120 questions during a single dinner, it’s probably a good sign you’re with boring people.
In addition to the two sets included with the purchase of TableTopics, there are additional sets available for in app purchase. These include First Date, In Flight, Gourmet and Go Green. The initial purchase of the TableTopics mobile app is $2.99, but compared to the physical cube, which has 135 question cards for $25.00, the mobile version is a deal.