Trace – What a time-filler! In this funky new iPhone app, you can draw your own paths and erase lines you made by mistake in order to get through moving obstacles and reach the level’s end. The learning curve is incredibly easy. If you can pick up a fork, you can play this game.
One of Trace’s best features is its original soundtrack. Old school Nintendo style tick-tones make it fun and pleasant while you analyze your best courses of travel. You can also play your own music if you prefer.
The levels within Trace are fast-paced and easy to beat until you get into the upper stages where high scores get much tougher to conquer. The creative artwork behind the scenes is pleasing to the eye and matches the music’s funky mystique.
Trace, in a nutshell, is simple game play that gets tricky and keeps your attention for hours. And, Trace is free! For a free game that outplays other $5 iPhone apps, we at AppCraver give Trace a proud 7 out of 10 rating.