Twizzle joins the many puzzle apps that involves matching colors or shapes to win. The object of Twizzle is to get rid of all of the colors in as little moves as possible. By tapping color groups of three or more the user can clear those and move on to the next grouping. The user can also tilt the phone on its side to have the blocks fall and thus rearrange.
When I first opened Twizzle I was startled by the loud music, which is never good for anyone playing this game for the first time in public. Luckily there are music and soundfx toggles on the first page so I didn’t get stuck with it for too long. Also on the first page the user can find instructions which are highly detailed and explain each aspect of the game quite well. A level toggle can also be found on the first page with choices from easy, medium and hard. And, of course, you can start the game from the opening page.
When you start Twizzle the playing board is filled with colored blocks. Something that bothers me is that I couldn’t figure out how to start over if I wasn’t able to win the game. A couple of times I was left with one block sitting on the bottom and could not clear it. In order to start over I had to exit Twizzle completely.
All in all Twizzle is fun, but not very addicting. It doesn’t have me coming back for more.