Whale Song Project is an awe-inspiring app. Designed by Glad Works, Whale Song Project streams live whale songs from an underwater microphone in Maui, Hawaii.
Whale Song Project was not created solely to be a soothing sound machine like Ambiance. Rather Whale Song Project is an educational project whose goal is to give a voice to the creatures of the sea. The result is breathtaking. Whale Song Project streams the voices of humpback whales: deep, booming sounds and delicate, haunting melodies. From November through May, the whale songs are streamed live from Hawaii, and you hear a recording of the live songs during the rest of the year.
Hearing my iPhone emit the incredible songs of the humpbacks immediately inspired me to go to the Whale Sound Project’s website where I found stunning whale photos and information about whales, migration patterns and the purpose of the whales’ songs. The website also has a link to the Whale Song Project Captain’s Log. The log reports what is currently going on with the whales and whether you are hearing them live or recorded. When I checked the log today, I read that the microphone was offline while some problems were being resolved, hence I was hearing recordings.
Do not expect a polished, cleaned-up quality when you listen to the Whale Sound Project. Because this app is streaming live underwater sounds, the whale singing is joined by other raw ocean sounds such as boats and wave noise. The stream is occasionally bumpy, and the quality also varies depending on how close the whales are. When they are farther away, the mic is turned up which increases surrounding sounds.
Whale Song Project is a fascinating learning opportunity. As you listen, you will feel a connection with these magnificent creatures on the other side of the world. Whale Song Project is currently on sale for $2.99.