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Scramboni - Multiplayer Apps arrive on iPhone

"Scramboni" sounds a little like a Scrabble rip-off, but in reality is a slickly designed multiplayer game by ByteClub, a startup specifically devoted to social, multiplayer games.
This promises to be a very exciting category, and it appears Scramboni is the first entrant into it.

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App Price Wars -- Air sharing gives away "Files" for free

For the next week, you can download a copy of "Air Sharing" -- yet another file storage on your iPhone app -- free.
The Air Sharing app is very similar to the DataCase and Files apps we reviewed earlier -- but has a slightly more intuitive interface and a very in-depth embedded help facility, something that is critically missing in those 2 apps (or for that matter on almost all apps).

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Spore Origins is AppCraver's new Favorite Game

The much anticipated "Spore Origins" game from Electronic Arts is here, and AppCraver loves it. If you don't already know, "Spore" is a game that has been in development for several years now, and is designed by the folks who brought you "The Sims" -- one of the best selling games ever.

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Pro 21 Blackjack is Awesome for Both Beginners and Card Sharks

Buy 21 Pro: Blackjack on the App Store

When getting ready to purchase a blackjack app, I seriously debated about whether to download the ad-supported 21 Pro Blackjack Sponsored or to up the ante and pay for 21 Pro Blackjack.

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Disappearing iPhone: What to do when iPhone doesn't show up in iTunes

I upgraded my Mac over the weekend and finally installed Leopard. The whole process was simple and went off without a hitch — I thought.
This morning I downloaded a few new programs from the App Store, plugged in my iPhone to sync.

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Interview with touchGrove of LED Football Game

AppCraver recently caught up with Mark Helmuth of touchGrove, the makers of LED Football. With a little help from the technical guys over at Neon Surge, he answered some questions about the process of creating an iPhone app.

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