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Zombieville USA
Developer: Mika Mobile, Inc.
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zombieville usa iphone appThe campy graphics and theme are killer in MikaMobile's Zombieville USA. A little man in a trucker hat and a fishing vest is on a mission to kill some zombies and you, the user, are his guide. Weapon drawn, he wanders along a sidewalk of suburban scenery and scattered houses, encountering crazed zombies feverish to dig at his face, along the way.

Arrows in the bottom corners of the screen move our hero forward and back, touching the bottom of the screen fires his weapon. When houses do appear along the little gent's path, approaching the door and touching it lets him in to collect cash to buy new weapons. Tapping the upper left corner in Zombieville USA, where ammo is located, changes the weapon. The pause symbol next to the status bar is, surprisingly, to pause the game. Easy, Normal and Insane levels are available and can be changed in options, from the main menu.

According to MikaMobile's FAQs, "The game goes on forever, until the zombies finally catch up to you and snack on your tasty brains. Theoretically the game maxes out at level 99..."

I never made it near 99. However, a seasoned zombie slaying friend and I gave Zombieville USA quite a few long runs and were mostly only concerned with the difficulty in earning money, ammunition and weapons. The developer gently notes though, that an easy mode is available to those players who can't cope with that pressure, even considerately adding, "If easy-mode is still too frustrating for you, might I suggest a soothing game of solitaire instead?"

Slight lags can be noticed occasionallyin Zombieville USA, but the restart that is often suggested seems to clear them up. I also encountered glitches and lags after a long pause, which may be just another symptom of the same problem. The game plays very smoothly otherwise and can be a kick once new weapons, such as the chainsaw, are obtained. Zombieville USA's pursuit the of the undead provides lively fun!

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