Melesta Games today is incredibly happy to announce the release of a new coolest arcade game Popping Rush for iOS devices. Now players are invited to enjoy a fast-paced adventure in 100+ challenging levels where they use their fingers to pop the nasty mess-makers called poplings.
Though it\’s not as simple as it sounds!
The game encourages honing accuracy and boosting speed in order to outwit the numerous poplings, each with their own skill and own size. Players can blow poplings up by pushing them with their fingers, or use more elegant methods of destruction: vacuum cleaner, icy touch and more! Crush the poplings, no matter how big or skilful they are, as they try to turn your peaceful home into a chaotic mess.
This funny, high-speed adventure is available now on the Apple App Store.
* The funniest action gameplay ever
* 100+ thrilling levels of poplings to crush
* 6 detailed locations: living room, backyard and more
* Different kinds of poplings to deal with: Freezers, Speedsters, Bombers and more
* Super-powerful bonuses that destroy all poplings at once
* Splashy sounds and graphics
Languages supported:
* English, Russian
Popping Rush 1.0 for iOS is $0.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.