The number of fake call generators in the app store seems to be growing, offering users numerous different ways to set up an exit strategy for difficult business meetings, boring party conversations, unbearable dates, and unwanted phone calls. There is no denying that it is slightly scary how many people seem to use these fake call apps since you might not be able to trust the sincerity of excuses made in your own conversations anymore.
While most of these fake call apps make it a lot easier to get off the hook, there is still room for improvement before complete believability is reached. Here is a comparison of 7 fake call applications reviewed by AppCraver.

Exit strategy ($0.99): Compared to the other apps reviewed here, this fake call generator offers the most useful features all wrapped up in one app. Exit strategy lets the user schedule fake calls and receive fake SMS, and it offers a very handy panic button, which sends a call out one minute later. When the fake call comes in, the iPhone looks inconspicuous and callers are chosen from the phone’s contacts. One downside is that the timer is canceled should you receive an actual real phone call. But with three options to get out of any situation, exit strategy offers great value for its price.

HottrixPhone Pro ($2.99): Another good call simulator that provides the great option of creating a caller playlist, allowing the user to receive numerous timed calls by different callers. This feature lets HottrixPhone stand out and it gives the user more than one reason to end a meeting or a boring date. A further plus for this app is the fact that it is the only one out of the 7 reviewed, that uses actual iPhone ringtones, adding a great deal of authenticity. Another unusual feature is the voice selection, which provides a voice on the other end of the fake line. This is a great idea for the fake call genre but its execution in this version is still fairly poor.

Fake Calls (0.99): With an interface that offers a good degree of believability but with a lack of options (just one ringtone for example), this app positions itself in the medium range. With choices for name, type of number (mobile, home, etc), and wallpaper, Fake Calls provides what it promises and lets any user step out with the help of a pre-timed call. More varied options, which are offered in different aspects by both apps above, are missing though, making this app simple and easy but nothing exceptional.

Escape Pod ($1.99): Unlike all other apps reviewed here, Escape Pod is not a fake call generator, but since it serves pretty much the same purpose it is included in this round-up. Escape Pod generates different sounds that can be activated while on the phone, offering a way to end a phone conversation. The sounds range from ambulance to baby crying to the more imaginative alien attack. While the fake call apps get you out of a face-to-face meeting or date, Escape Pod provides assistance in getting off the phone.

AlibiSMS ($1.99): This app exclusively offers fake text messages, which are fully customizable in their nature. It comes with a welcoming interface and is easy to use. The app does what it promises and will work for anyone who chooses SMS as their getaway tool. Compared to some other apps like an exit strategy, AlibiSMS offers only one feature but this app does well with believability, an aspect that some other apps struggle with.

Wingman ($0.99): Wingman sets itself apart from all other fake call apps by offering an excuse to bail as well as more positive support that is supposed to help the user to stick around. This positive help consists of conversation starters, romantic date ideas, and pick-up lines. The idea is great and refreshingly positive but the execution is slightly lacking. The fake call function works pretty well and does its job but does not offer as much control as some other apps do.

GottaDash ($0.99): This app is aimed at business user that needs help getting out of meetings. Unlike some other apps, GottaDash offers selections for ringtones and the duration of the ring. But while it starts off with good ideas the app does not follow through. Ringtones do not offer much variety and none are close to actual iPhone sounds after a fake call is ended, the app’s selections show up on the screen. These issues add up, making it hard to believe in the authenticity of the call and therefore putting the user in danger of being called out by other iPhone owners.

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