AppCraver recently spoke with Anton Soeharyo, Managing Director of Touch Ten. The Touch Ten team is a group with no programming experience, who got together to create an app so they could raise money for a friend in need. He shares their journey of developing for the iPhone and iPod touch.
When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?
We started last year around August, None of us are programmer, and it took us quite an effort to learn the SDK and maneuver through a Mac. 🙂 But we are loving every moment of it!
What / how many apps have you made so far?
Just one so far
What type of apps/games/software inspires you? Where do you get your ideas?
Games or apps made by non-programmer or small timers really inspired us. Having no background in programming and Mac, these apps/games drives us to continue finishing our dream. We get our ideas from brainstorming together.
How do you settle on the price point for your apps?
We plan to raise money for charity, and we know our first game will not be the best (due to our programming background), so we settle for the least number 🙂
What has been the best thing about designing for the iPhone?
A Dream come true… everybody has a dream, but my dream and my friends’ dream is to design our own game. A game we can call our own… besides that, over the past few months, we became close together as a group, and meet and talk to people whom we thought would never happen, we just hope we can continue to become great friends, striving our best to share our money with the needy.
What has been the biggest challenge about designing for the iPhone?
Programming and graphic design (having no background at all) and Oh Yeah! using a MAC haha
Is your company venture backed or privately held?
Privately held
Do you have any other apps in the works?
Yes, we are planning to release two apps in June.
What apps do you have on your iPhone?
ifighter lite, smacktalk, kamehameha, pocket god and of course, Ipong! game
What do you like to do when you’re not coding for the iPhone?
Constantly procrastinating to do our school assignments, jaywalking throughout Tokyo, eating good sushi, Karaoke and going to the cinema..
One Last Thing:
Thank you for your kind time and attention. Thank you for your kind review here:
To answer your question posted in the above review: we are doing this in the hope to raise USD10,000 for charity to help our friend Rahmat, who currently receives a scholarship to study in Japan. Rahmat lost his mother (and eventually his Father) due to the unfortunate Tsunami disaster, 2004, Indonesia, Aceh. We are funneling money earned up to USD10,000, to help Rahmat’s younger brother and sister back in Indonesia, who unfortunately cannot join Rahmat here, and have to fend for themselves while their brother is in Japan.
You can read a translated story about our game here — and the original in Japanese at
We hope that you could take into account our limited (and new) ability in programming and add where our money would go on your kind review for us. Thank you AppCraver for this opportunity! All the best guys!