The Panda Fight Club NFT sits among the finely designed tokens in the Blockchain market. Though it was introduced recently, its appealing aesthetics have been a major factor in its increasing demand. 

There are many other factors like low price (as of now), uniqueness, gaming, etc. that are worth considering when purchasing Panda Fight Club NFT. Let’s take a deeper dive into the various aspects of this cool token collection and get some valuable insights. 

What Is Panda Fight Club NFT? 

If you’re fond of anime or pandas in general, this token is just for you. Simply put, Panda Fight Club NFT combines the captivating appeal and Sci-Fi powers or weapons that make each token look equally attractive.
Like other NFTs in the market, the creator of Panda Fight Club NFTs remains unknown, but there is substantial information about how to acquire the digital art pieces or mint them available on the website. 

Panda Fight Club NFT Drop
Source: Panda fight club

While pandas maintain their original bear-like appearances, there are distinctive features that set them apart. Also referred to as traits, the Panda Fight Club NFT tokens can have around 8 defining traits. There is a special trait that you need to look out for if you wish to participate in token battle i.e. The Hand. Pandas holding objects like sticks, laser guns, sickles, guns, and other lethal weapons can have a better advantage than empty-handed ones. 

Furthermore, Panda Fight Club NFTs are not just limited to trading. The official token website allows token holders to battle against each other using their panda tokens the prize – ‘Winner Takes All’.

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Panda Fight Club NFT Sales Statistics

As of September, 16th 2021, it has been 3 days since the launch of Panda Fight Club NFT. However, the tokens have amassed a substantial amount of sales and popularity among NFT enthusiasts.

As of now, there are around 533 people who own Panda Fight Club NFT. This number alone gives an idea of the future performance of the token. Also, there is no initial price set by the creators so the buying process of the tokens is a little different from others. 

To get a better understanding of the Panda Fight Club NFTs sales, here are the key performance indicators that we need to consider.

Panda Fight Club NFTs Current Selling price

The price of Panda Fight Club NFTs is set to minimum value due to the recent launch. On the other hand, the tokens purchased by blockchain enthusiasts have very low auction bids. 

Most tokens are transferred or minted by token holders which has led to a slump in the price trajectory of the NFT. Furthermore, some tokens have a high selling price. 

Apart from purchasing, blockchain users can mint Panda Fight Club NFT from the official website. To mint a token, you will need a MetaMask wallet and pay a minimal fee of ETH 0.0888+gas. 

Every user is allowed to mint up to 15 tokens, and the minting charges tend to increase as you mint more tokens. On the other hand, the website has a total mint limit of 8888 tokens.

Panda Fight Club – The volume Of Sales:

The Panda Fight Club NFT has been selling quite impressively even though its launch date has just passed a few days. In the last 7 days, around 1.3k NFT tokens have been issued for sale, and there are around 605 owners of Panda Fight Club tokens. 

The average floor price of Panda Fight Club NFT sits around ETH 0.04. According to stats on, the Panda Fight Club NFT has maintained a 13.12 sales count.

How And Where To Buy Panda Fight Club NFT? 

Where To Buy Panda Fight Club NFT
Source: Open sea

Panda Fight Club NFT is available on both and The former source allows you to buy the tokens, but the latter allows you to mint the tokens for yourself.

To purchase a token, you will have to convert your fiat currency into Ethereum, and here’s when NFT wallets come into play. Fortunately, both and Panda Fight Club support MetaMask wallets. This saves you from the stress of maintaining two different wallets as you can use one at both sources. 

Panda Fight Club- Conclusion: 

Panda Fight Club NFT might have fewer sales and lesser volume as of now, but once it reaches the spotlight, it could become one of the most lucrative tokens to exist. Furthermore, you can also consider the possibility of expanding your NFT collection by winning them in the Panda Fight Club games.

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