XONE NFT is a plot of land where you can construct the metaverse’s augmented reality layer, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

XONE Jungle NFT is the first mobile metaverse application from XONE. It ushers in the next stage of social media evolution, with personal 3D spaces replacing user profiles. Xone users can create, own, and monetize their personal 3D spaces, which they can explore using augmented reality technology.

The Xone Team has created AR experiences for record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Records. The goal of this NFT is to provide best-in-class utility to the community while developing the island – an explorable augmented reality world that will connect multiple NFT and metaverse projects and host virtual concerts, exhibitions, and gamified experiences. Each plot of land in this metaverse is referred to as a Xone.

XONE NFT Mint Date And Price

Jungle Xone NFT

The official mint date for XONE whitelisted members will be on 14th March, and the mint date for public sale will be on 15th March.

Xone NFT Mint Prices And Details Are As Follows:

There are three different sets of mint: There will be a mint for XONE Jungle holders on the 14th, which will last for 3 hours, and the price of this is 0.08 ETH. This will be on the 14th from 12 pm-3 pm UTC. Jungle holders will be allowed to mint 1 Cloud.

There is a pre-sale for XONE whitelisted members to the mint for 24 hours following this mint. The price for whitelisted members will be 0.1 ETH and can also mint 1 Cloud.

After 24 hours of pre-sale, there will be a public sale for the price of 0.11 ETH, where the public can also mint only 1 Cloud.

Jungle holders who have two or more Jungle XONES and have not sold their XONE or have listed at a high price on OS will be eligible for a FREE Cloud airdrop on top of their one mint.

The cut-off date to buy a Jungle and be eligible for the price above will be on the 12th, so we can have time to organize things.

The first 30 people who buy a Jungle XONE NFT on OpenSea till 14th receive a free Cloud NFT. So if you do NOT own any and you purchase one, you will be able to mint 1 Cloud NFT at the price of 0.08 ETH, and you will also receive a free Cloud. This will ONLY be for the first 30 people…this is open for those who have Jungle XONE’s already.

For those who purchase after the 30 cap limit, Xone Team will enter you into a raffle that will include Cloud NFTs, cash prizes, another partner NFT and more, so you will still be rewarded for your purchase.

The $XONE Token Airdrop Details


The $XONE token will be distributed as an airdrop to Jungle members (even those who purchase on OpenSea). $XONE can be used to get exclusive access to events, performances, and experiences. The Xone NFT team allows for staking, which generates passive income. You can rent out your display spaces and earn $XONE for each person who visits your XONE. Above all, $XONE is a governance token that will allow holders to participate in platform governance decisions, similar to a DAO structure.

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