The Halloween of 2019, was the spookiest thing before the 2020 Fiasco. With NFTs being just a concept in the world of Blockchain, the technology had not taken off yet. CryptoSkulls NFT came out in the year 2019. These were a collection of 10,000 ERC-721 standard NFTs- interestingly -on the Ethereum and Polygon chain. Another element of their anachronistic nature is that they’re pixel art, like the OG CryptoPunks NFT. The CryptoSkulls NFT was also one of the first to implement the use of NFT in Blockchain gaming. 

In this article, we shall go over the key CryptoSkulls NFT themes, the sale since its inception in 2019, the important dates of its launch, and naturally, its roadmap for 2022! Stay tuned!

CryptoSkull NFT Overview Of All Its Highlights Since 3 Years Now

CryptoSkulls NFT items 10,000
Owners 4,000
Crypto Skulls NFT Floor price 0.72 ETH
Volume Traded 6,000 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 13th January 2022)

What Is A Crypto Skull NFT?

The CryptoSkulls NFT (or the CryptoSkull NFT), as said, are 10,000 NFTs on the chain. These are pixelated skulls, spewing menace and fire, and many different elements that add to its uniqueness index. The purpose of these NFTs was for them to be used in the game the same company developed, called Gold of Skulls, announced in October of 2020. 

The game was to complete production in the winter of 2021, although, as of January 2022, the game is still not out yet. Yet, the CryptoSkulls NFTs seem to come back to life.

The Timeline Of The CryptoSkulls NFT

What is a CryptoSkull NFT

As the Crypto Skull NFT now takes the Web 3 world through the storm, its origins are deeply rooted in the pre-hype years of NFT, in 2019, the NFT was launched and listed on OpenSea and Rarible. In October 2020, the CryptoSkull NFT Twitter page posted that they plan to launch a game, and in 2021, while the promised game was not unveiled, the CryptoSkulls NFT official game token $GSK was announced. As of January 12th, 2022, the CryptoSkull NFT is one of the top performers amidst BAYC and the rest. 

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The Skulls Be Enlightened With Life

The uniqueness of the CryptoSkull NFT is marked by its use of the rarity of the NFT also coming in use in the Gold of Skulls game. Here’s the division of rarity:

  • Skulls with lesser characteristics are rarer.
  • The Crypto Skulls NFT also have NFTs that are hand-drawn and these are 10 in number and #1 in number when it comes to rarity. These are called Skull Lords. 
  • 1,000 of the CryptoSkull NFTs are called Game Tokens and play a key role in the functioning of the game.

The roadmap announced last year also brings in an ERC-20 Token, called $GSK, which will be used to buy, sell, and trade the Skulls in the game. This token will also be used as grants for the holders.

Thus, the roadmap for 2022 brings many surprises along with the game. Early January saw Steve Aoki, GaryVee, among others stepping into the realm of the CryptoSkulls NFT.

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CryptoSkull NFT Sales, Numbers, And Price Prediction!

The Timeline of the CryptoSkulls NFT

The Current Price And Trend

As of January 12th, 2022, the CryptoSkulls NFT Mint Price is 0.79 ETH. And the CryptoSkulls NFT Floor Price stands at 0.72 ETH, not much away from its Mint Price.

The Total VolumeOof Sales

The total volume traded for the CryptoSkull NFT is about 6,000 ETH. And January 11th, 2022 saw 90% of its sales being 5,276 ETH of total volume traded. The CryptoSkulls NFT appears to be performing!

The Crypto Skulls NFT Price Prediction And Analysis

The rise for the CryptoSkulls NFT came with its rise in engagement on its official Twitter. At the beginning of the year, the community announced their official discord, and on January 8th, they announced an offer to give an NFT free on every NFT purchased. This created demand for the time-worn supply for the NFT. And that brought in a multitude of celebrities. Thus, the CryptoSkulls NFT Price Prediction for the 3rd and 4th week of January is to go up. And demand is going to rise especially when their game comes out.

How to Buy CryptoSkulls NFT? 

Since the origins of the NFT are old, they are also diverse in nature. Thus, for the question, CryptoSkulls NFT, how to buy them? They’ve made a good amount of distribution on OpenSea, Rarible, Looksrare Marketplaces.

There, depending on the place, it’s very easy to buy. The CryptoSkulls NFT OpenSea page is the one that is currently receiving the most traffic.

Let The Dead Bury The Dead

The CryptoSkulls NFT is back. And the community seems to be enjoying NFTs of the past because they paved the way for future projects. Thus, the Project seems pretty promising with simple design, simple execution, and elite value.

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