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Vopium Offers Limited Phone Experience

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Vopium is one of a group of apps that uses a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive phone calls and text messages. It is a good concept—the more one can avoid AT&T's spotty network, the better.

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Scratch Off Now and Try Your Luck

If you’re hooked on sweepstakes, instant win games, and other “free” chances to try your luck at winning something, then check out Scratch Off Now by Thought Quarry, LLC. Scratch Off Now is basically like adding an instant win scratch off game to your iPhone with the opportunity to try your luck at winning small weekly prizes, like iTunes Store credit and Amazon gift cards, every 15 minutes.

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Guerrilla Bob Blows Stuff Up

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Guerrilla Bob is a dual stick shooter with throwaway lines that aren’t that funny — “Say hello to my bullets!” — a 3D landscape that looks like Legoland gone bad, and a story line that won’t replace the Odyssey as the standard of heroic epics any time soon.

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20 Minute Meals - Jamie Oliver on Your iPhone

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If you haven’t witnessed renown British chef Jamie Oliver in action, you’re missing out on an incredible personality with a passion for healthy food. If you love him in The Food Revolution, you’ll love him on your iPhone as he demonstrates some of his recipes designed to be made in 20 minutes or less.

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Take Control of Address Book with ContactsPlus XL

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ContactsPlus XL dresses up the iPhone's contacts list to make it more appealing with additional features.
Although many iPhone users can probably get along fine with the plain vanilla services of the iPhone's built-in contacts app, the additional features in ContactsPlus XL are nice and give more flexibility for streamlining one's address book.

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Zombie Smash: Visceral Evisceration

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Visually and thematically, Zombie Smash may remind you of its somewhat more lush castle-defense cousin Plants vs. Zombies. Sound effects are similar too, as are the as-you-go instructions that appear over your screen.

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