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Interview with Developers of Koi Pond

AppCraver caught up this morning with the developers of the wildly popular Koi Pond application, Bill Trost and Andy Skirvin of development firm The Blimp Pilots.
AppCraver: When did you start developing applications for the iPhone?

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Highlights from the Techcrunch / August Capital Mobile Web Wars

Lots of discussion of iPhone at the latest TechCrunch / August Capital Mobile Conference.

Some key facts:

Pandora was running at about 12,000 new subscribers a month. In the first month on iPhone, 320,000  Pandora apps were downloaded.

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Best Buy to Start Selling iPhone3G in Sept

According to MacWorld, Best Buy will start selling the iPhone3G in September in over 970 full size stores.To put this in perspective, Apple currently has only 205 Stores, with each store doing about 2 Million dollars a month in revenue (the highest per square foot of any retail store formula in the world).

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Super Monkey Ball Sells 300k in Less Than a Month

Buy Super Monkey Ball on the App Store

Good god - Super Monkey Ball has sold 300,000 units on the iPhone App Store in 20 days.

I think you'll be seeing a lot more game developers taking the iPhone seriously in the months to come.

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Datacase: Use your iPhone as Online Storage

DataCase from VeloSoft was recently covered in TechCrunch as a "highly anticipated" storage app. We tested it, and found that it does work, but has some serious limitations.
First, of all, the test.

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Crazy Lighter Revel in the Sound

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This is our favorite lighter app for iPhone.
Unlike most other lighter apps, Crazy Lighter doesn't show the source of the fire. It's just a simple flame set to high. What really distinguishes it from the crowd -- and makes it worth your buck -- is what we call the zippo feature.

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