Global Apptitude, the creator of Playbook for iPad and the industry leader in tablet-based player preparation tools, announced that it has recently signed an additional five NFL teams including the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, and Detroit Lions for their Playbook for iPad and other related player development tools.
According to Randy Fusee, Global Apptitude partner, this is just the beginning. ”This has been an extraordinary month for NFL teams’ adoption of this new and exciting technology. We’ve had a lot of momentum and excitement around our solution and fully expect that 16-20 NFL franchises will be using our suite of player preparation tools by the start of training camp this summer.”
As more teams continue to utilize the Playbook for iPad product suite, new productivity applications will continue to be added to the portfolio. ”Our suite of products has been designed by NFL coaches and administrators, not software engineers. Our engineers are simply writing the code that matches how NFL coaches want to use the technology. That’s why these products have been so successful, once a football coach sees what we have to offer, they start to see all of the benefits our software will provide for their players” said Fusee.
Global Apptitude LLC is the creator of Playbook for iPad, Integrated Video for Playbook, Team Calendar for iPad and Online Quizzes for iPad. This suite of iPad tools is uniquely focused on the Coach/Player teaching and learning dynamics. For more information or to setup a live product demonstration, visit the Global Apptitude website at