IFinancials today is pleased to introduce GoblinAttack! 1.00, their new game title for the Apple iOS platform. GoblinAttack! is the amazing new “Free” FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game, designed for all iOS 7 (and newer) devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), that will give you a “Quick Jolt of Fun!” in as little as 10 seconds – standing in the checkout line, in-between classes, or during a TV commercial.
Story Line:
You are the last great Wizard, Merlin living in a time long ago. The evil wizard Mordred is sending an attack of thousands of Goblins in an attempt to destroy King Arthur, his knights, his people and the Kingdom of Camelot – plus of course – YOU! Will you and your trusty wand and great magical powers rise to the challenge of saving all of Camelot?
Free Bonus Feature:
Use the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch front-facing camera to take a “Selfie” and your face becomes that of the Main Character – Included For Free!
One-Handed Play:
Use “One-Hand” (left or right – iPhone/iPod) to move the Main Character by “Tilting” the device (holding the screen parallel to the ground). To “Fire” your weapon, “Tap Anywhere on the Screen”.
3D Parallax Graphics:
Using Parallax graphics, you get the simulated feel of a 3D game-scapes at over twice the display speed of $100 million movies (60fps vs 24fps).
16-Bit Stereo Sound:
Rich 16-bit stereo sound – theme music, weapons fire – make you feel “inside” the game.
Universal Games:
All games are (1) Optimized for every screen size, and (2) Work on every iOS 7 (and newer) device you own.
iCloud Support:
Scores, “Selfie’s” and more, are shared between your iOS devices through Apples iCloud, allowing you to stop game play on your iPhone, open the game on your iPad, and “instantly” see your latest High Scores and “Selfie’s!” Note: you must have an active Apple iCloud account and all iOS devices must be on a WiFi or cellular network. To enable iCloud on each iDevice, go to: Settings > iCloud, turn “ON” option “Keychain” & turn “ON” option “Document & Data”. Internet access required.
GoblinAttack! 1.00 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.