If you have recently gotten an Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, activating it is an essential step before you can start using it for transactions. ICICI Bank offers multiple ways to activate Amazon Pay ICICI credit card, with online options being the fastest and most convenient for today’s internet-savvy customers. 

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to activate your Amazon Pay Credit Card through the ICICI Internet Banking portal. Let’s explore.

Things You Need Before Activation

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Before beginning the how to activate Amazon Pay ICICI credit card process, please ensure that you have the following:

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  • The mobile number registered with the bank is linked to your credit card.
  • Your 16-digit ICICI credit card number and 3-digit CVV number [usually found on the back of the card].
  • Your ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID. If you don’t have this already, you can forget the ICICI user ID.
  • An active mobile number to receive OTP.

Having these handy will enable quick and smooth sailing through the activation process without any hindrances.

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card: Register For ICICI Internet Banking

In order to activate your credit card and generate your card PIN, you will first need to register for Internet Banking if you are not already registered. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Visit the ICICI Bank website and click on Login: https://www.icicibank.com/

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Guide Methods

Step 2: Now, enter the User ID that you received via SMS upon credit card approval.

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Easy Methods

Step 3: Click on the Get Password option on the page as shown below.

Step 4: Read the instructions for password generation and click Proceed.

Step 5: Reenter your User ID and registered mobile number on the next page. Click GO to submit the request.

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Guide Steps

Step 6: A unique Reference Number (URN) is sent to your mobile number.

Step 7: Enter the URN in the given field and click GO to proceed.

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Guide

Step 8: After successful URN verification, you can set your Internet Banking password. Re-enter it again to confirm. Click GO to complete the registration process.

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Step 9: Congratulations! Your ICICI Bank Internet Banking registration is now complete. You can log in with your credentials.

This completes the first step towards credit card activation. Continue to the next section for PIN generation.

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How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card In 7 Easy Steps

Now that your Internet Banking registration formalities are done, you can go ahead with generating your card PIN:

Step 1: Log in to ICICI Internet Banking using your credentials.

Generate Credit Card PIN ICICI

Step 2: From the Overview tab, choose the option Generate/Change Card PIN.

Generate Credit Card PIN ICICI Guide

Step 3: Select Generate Credit Card PIN.

Step 4: From the dropdown, pick your Amazon Pay Credit Card number. Enter the CVV and click Submit.

Generate Credit Card PIN ICICI Steps

Step 5: You will now get an OTP on your mobile number. Enter this on the next page and click Submit.

Step 6: Once OTP verification is done, you can set a 4-digit PIN for your credit card.

Step 7: Re-enter the same 4-digit PIN to confirm. Click Generate Now.

Generate Credit Card PIN ICICI Method

Step 7: Hooray! The PIN for your ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card is now activated.

You will also get an SMS informing you about successfully activating your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card.

Activate Amazon Pay Credit Card

The activation process is completed after generating your credit card PIN in the previous section. You are now ready to start enjoying the benefits of your Amazon ICICI Credit Card for online and offline purchases.

Soon after activation, you will also get an SMS/email from ICICI Bank confirming the same. This means your credit card is now active in the system and all set to be used on the Amazon app/website to get amazing cashback and rewards!

How To Activate Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Credit Card Activation Failure Troubleshooting

In case you face any difficulties during activation through Internet Banking:

  • Check if all details – card number, CVV, credentials, etc. were entered correctly.
  • Verify if the OTP was received on the registered mobile number.
  • Call ICICI Customer Care on a toll-free number for further assistance.

Rest assured, customer care will help resolve the activation failure issues quickly.

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Credit Card Activation Precautions

Remember to adopt good practices after activation for the safety and security of your credit card:

  1. Never ever share your card PIN, CVV number, OTP, or passwords with anybody, including customer care executives.
  2. For enhanced security, keep changing your credit card PIN periodically.
  3. You can disable international usage & online transactions on the card if not required.

Following these simple precautions will ensure a smooth credit card usage experience in the long run.


1) How can I retrieve my forgotten User ID for internet banking registration?

You can generate the User ID by contacting ICICI customer care or visiting the nearest ICICI bank branch with valid ID proof.

2) I am unable to reset my internet banking password. What should be done?

After 3 wrong password attempts, the account gets locked. Visit the ICICI bank branch with ID proof to get a password reset by submitting relevant forms.

3) My credit card got blocked as I entered the wrong PIN multiple times. What is the solution?

Contact the 24×7 ICICI customer care immediately to get your credit card unblocked after verification. One can also visit the nearest ICICI bank branch.

4) How do I generate URN for Internet banking registration?

The URN required during new Internet banking user registration is automatically sent by ICICI Bank via SMS/email to the customer’s registered contact details.


We hope this detailed, step-by-step guide on how to carry out Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card activation aided you in completing the process swiftly without any problems. We also covered some common FAQs and precautions, apart from troubleshooting tips for reference. Activate your credit card today and unlock a world of rewarding online shopping experiences!

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