Featuring superb graphics and sound along with over 100 sophisticated levels of different complexity, Flychaser will quickly become an addiction both for kids and adults. Competitive elements combine with fast and dynamic gameplay, as players guide the main character, Froggie, on its way to becoming the most agile fly chaser in the world.
“This funny arcade game is our first attempt at creating games to be played on touch-screen devices. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, you’ll need to demonstrate great finger agility. As Fly Chaser enhances the attention span and reaction time, it’ll be interesting for children and adults alike. We hope you’ll like the adventures of the amusing Froggie, and you won’t have to wait long for their continuation,” says Denis Berekchiyan, the CEO and founder of OOFSOURCE OU.
In the game users will have to find their path around obstacles, avoid evil swamp creatures and pick up power ups while chasing various species of delicious flies. Each of the 5 game worlds has it’s own boss level where Froggie will need to find his way through a labyrinth of reeds and challenge another contender for the title of the Best Fly Chaser. The game requires concentration and quick reaction and will keep players franticly tapping the screens of their devices following Froggie in its adventures for weeks and months to come. Flychaser features multiplayer mode, which will be definitely enjoyed by those who love to show off their skills while competing with real players.
Flychaser features superb graphics and dynamic gameplay, a lively soundtrack with more than 100 colorful levels in 5 unique worlds. In addition to Game Center support, the app also can be played using multiplayer peer-to-peer mode.
Flychaser 1.0.0 is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.
via PR Mac