Using Apple Pay at a Raising Cane eatery is so accessible and secure than when one uses a physical credit or debit card. As a consumer who chooses to use Apple Pay, you can have a memorable dining experience at Raising Cane’s Restaurant because you only need your Apple watch or an iPhone to make secure contactless payments. Whereas most Raising Cane outlets accept Apple Pay, there may be some exceptions.

For starters, Raising Cane’s is a popular American restaurant chain specializing in chicken fingers and other delicious menu particulars. This eatery was established in 1996 and is privately possessed by one Todd Graves. You must know how to pay at a Raising Cane before heading out to eat. This helps you avoid the disappointment of finding out that a restaurant does not accept your preferred payment style.

In this blog post, we’ve reviewed how you can use Apple Pay and other payment styles at Raising Cane’s and how to detect a Cane’s Store that accepts Apple Pay. We encourage all our readers to share their experiences with paying at Raising Cane’s and any other issues they’ve encountered.

Does Raising Cane’s Take Apple Pay? Quick Answer

Yes, most outlets accept Apple Pay in-store and with drive-thru orders at select locales.

Even if most outlets don’t permit contactless payments similar to Apple Pay, and if they don’t mention or promote Apple Pay as a valid payment option on their website, some Raising Cane outlets accept Apple Pay.

Use Apple Maps to check whether a certain Raising Cane store accepts Apple Pay or not.

Raising Cane’s Apple Pay Instructions

You’ll need the following to set up Apple Pay initially:

  • A device running MacOS, iPad, or iOS at the most recent version.
  • A reputable debit or credit card from a card provider that participates.
  • An Apple ID that is logged in on your Apple device. Check to see if Apple Pay is supported in your nation to avoid any potential implied problems. Contact your card provider to confirm that your debit or credit card is compatible with Apple Pay.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

  • Step One: Install Apple Pay

Go to Settings, choose Wallet & Apple Pay, and then click Add Card to begin using Apple Pay. You can add any card that you want, whether it’s a credit or a debit card. Below is the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to add.

Installing Apple Pay and Setup
Apple pay setup
Apple pay wallet setup

After that, you can modify your settings as you see fit. In order to pay without using Face ID or a passcode, this may need setting up Apple Cash, turning on the side button that enables Apple Pay with a double-click, and connecting Express Transit cards. Additionally, you may alter your sale-related information, including the default payment method, delivery address, and contact information. Last but not least, double-clicking the side button on a Mac will enable or disable payments.

  • Step Two: Double-click your right-side button

Double-clicking this button on your iPhone pops up your available cards to pay. Simply choose your preferred payment card once the wallet appears.

Card selection for apple pay
  • Step Three: Enter your passcode to pay

You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode to approve and pay for your purchases after selecting a card from your iPhone’s wallet.

Apple pay security passcode
  • Step Four: Station your iPhone near the card reader

Inputting your passcode will authenticate your payment, then simply possess your iPhone within approximately an inch of the card reader to process your sale. Thank you. You’re now good to go!

Using Apple pay in card reader

Additional Ways to Pay at Raising Cane’s – Alternatives To Know

Here below is an outline of alternative payment styles that are accepted at Raising Cane’s;

  • Raising Cane’s gift cards.
  • Cash.
  • Google Pay.
  •  Samsung Pay.
  • Debit and credit cards. You may need to take several cards based on the restaurant’s location because every Raising Cane position has a varying list of accepted cards. Some accept cards, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Cash and Cashless Payment methods. Which one should You go for?

Pros and Cons of Using the Cashless Method:



    In its move to ease guest experience, minimize queues, and boost safety by limiting the use of cash as a payment system, Raising Cane has embraced different cashless styles at most of its locales. According to reports from most outlets, cashless or digital payment styles are safer and more convenient.
    No fake currency.


    Cashless payment styles increase exposure to hacking, forgetting watchwords, and heavy technological reliance.
    The seniors may be less comfortable with the tech involved in using most cashless payment styles.
    High chances of overspending.

Pros and Cons of Using Cash:



    Using cash at Raising Cane’s allows guests to keep close control of their spending. This is so because if one has inadequate finances in their hands, they will not have to make gratuitous purchases just like they would have done if they had multiple cashless payment options.
    Unlike utmost digital payment styles, it’s easier for the youthful and old to use cash payment styles.


    Taking bank notes and coins to a Raising Cane outlet can be a source of insecurity due to the threat of loss or theft, which can jeopardize a person’s safety. Whereas cash can be stolen just like digital plutocrats can be stolen by hackers, digital plutocrats have further robust security features like card blocking or money refunds.
    One can miss out on rewards and perks. Numerous cards offer perks and rewards like cash back, zero-interest for the first time, and points that a client can use for air trips, hotel bookings, and more.

How Can I Ensure If Raising Cane’s Store Near Me Accepts Apple Pay?

To check if a Raising Cane outlet near you accepts Apple Pay, simply look for the Apple Pay and NFC/ valve and pay symbols in that outlet’s window and on its points of sale.

  • Check for Apple Pay with the help of your iPhone, unlock Apple Maps, and search for a Raising Cane outlet.

  • Tap on your preferred outlet, and you will witness an info card pop up from the screen’s bottom.

  • This card will possess a button for directions, photos, buttons to call or look up the outlet’s website, and hours of operation, among other useful information.
  • Simply scroll downwards until you land on the Useful to Know part.

Besides informing you whether the outlet is kid-friendly or takes reservations, you will see an Apple Pay logo in case the outlet accepts Apple Pay.

How To Check  If Raising Cane Accepts Apple Pay On Your Mac computer.

 Always have your location enabled on your device to ensure accurate search results. You can check for Apple Pay with the aid of Maps on your Mac just like you would with iOS, then debut the Maps App and find the Raising Cane outlet you’re interested in either via search or by panning the map around.

Once you find and choose the Raising Cane outlet, a tiny card will appear. To unleash further information on Raising Cane’s, you have to tap the little word button (the “i” in a circle) on the right side. This will reveal to you a card so identical to the one on iOS that has prints, the address, the phone number, and some reviews from Yelp.


Apple Pay is among the extensively used online payment styles. Nearly all iPhone users use Apple Pay to process deals in stores and to make different purchases. Most Raising Cane outlets accept the use of Apple Pay only when you order inside an outlet, while others can accept Apple Pay indeed even with their drive-thru orders.

With the help of Apple Maps on your Apple gadget, you can assess whether a certain Raising Cane store accepts Apple Pay or not. Also, you can look for the Apple Pay and NFC/ valve and pay symbols attached to an outlet’s window and on its trade points.


1) Can I use Apple Watch to make payments at Cane’s?

At Raising Cane’s, you are able to utilize your Apple Watch to make payments if you so choose

2) Is it possible to utilize Apple Pay to make a purchase at Cane’s?

At Cane’s, you will be able to pay for the items and services you purchase with Apple Pay.

3) Does using Apple Pay incur any additional costs when shopping at Cane’s?

No. Apple Inc. doesn’t charge any fees if you pay using Apple Pay. Any fees that your bank generally levies for foreign deals when you use your card abroad, still, will also apply when using Apple Pay.

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