Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, with more than 34,000 places around the globe. You can’t argue that it’s one of the best choices for people seeking a quick and nutritious meal. Subway eateries are owned and operated by Subway franchises. Unlike much of the fast food sold by eatery chains, Subway products are not typically fried. They are generously garnished with fresh vegetables and other healthy food items. It is hence, able to brand itself as a seller of healthy fast food.

In an ever-increasingly digital world, creative technologies have revolutionised how we transact, making transactions faster, more secure and convenient. One of the payment methods that is effortless and won’t cost a single penny is ApplePay. It is a mobile payment service that lets you use your phone as a payment method rather than traditional credit or debit cards.

Subways might serve you its luscious sandwiches when you’re on the go, but does it offer you contactless limit payment options like ApplePay? So, let’s find out all the different modes of payment that Subway supports.


The answer is Yes! Subway accepts the ApplePay payment method in its restaurants, drive-thrus, website, and on the Subway app allowing customers to pay quickly and without any trouble.

Does Subway Accept Apple Pay?

If you’re still wondering whether Subway accepts ApplePay, the answer is definitely Yes! You’ll be happy that Subway now accepts ApplePay as a payment method. Using your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use ApplePay anywhere at Subway eateries. It is an easy-to-use payment method from Apple that allows you to reward commodities and services with a single touch.

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\Subway also offers certain discounts and rewards for all apple pay users, which we will find out later. All in all, apple pay has made everything so simple and fast that anyone will love using it.

How To Use Apple Pay With Subway

How To Use Apple Pay With Subway

Using ApplePay at Subway is more accessible and safer. Here are some instructions for you to make payments quickly :

  • You must have the Apple Wallet app installed on your gadget.
  • Keep your ApplePay ID ready, along with your credit/debit card linked to your account.
  • Go to the Subway store and tell the desired Subway assistant that you will pay using ApplePay.
  • You are then just required to scan their Point Of Sale (POS) machine using your ApplePay.
  • Tap on the ‘Apply’ button to confirm your payment with a fingerprint or face ID.
  • You can use any card of your choice to make the payment.
  • Remember to always look at the amount displayed on their POS machine to avoid errors.
  • After your scanning process, there will be a right tick on your display that lets you know that the payment has been successfully made.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Subway

ApplePay has made it even more convenient for customers to pay. By using ApplePay at Subway, customers can enjoy an excellent payment experience. Some of the benefits of using ApplePay at Subway are as follows:

  • By accepting ApplePay, Subway has increased its customer base while gaining a competitive advantage over other restaurants that still need to take ApplePay payment services.
  • Customers at Subway are positive and sure of themselves that their information remains protected, invulnerable and guarded.
  • ApplePay offers purchasing food at Subway easier than ever by providing discounts and rewards to ApplePay users, ultimately attracting customers instantly. 

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Alternate Payment Methods Accepted By Subway

Alternate Payment Methods Accepted By Subway

Apart from ApplePay, Subway is now just upgrading its different payment modes across channels. Here are various payment options available at Subway:

  • Cash
  • Subway gift vouchers
  • Debit or Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay

With its gigantic infrastructure and great payment industry experience, Subway offers its customers multiple options. Nevertheless, always remember to check with the specific location for payment options and enjoy your delectable Sub!


Hence, it is concluded that every Subway branch is now ready to take ApplePay payments. The concept of quick ready-to-eat meals is now easier to achieve with the help of ApplePay. Digital payment apps like ApplePay have provided man with a life of ease, leisure and pleasure. Now, the rosy dream of an easy and luxurious life has come true with the help of this digital world.


1) Can we use Apple Watch at Subway to pay?

Yes, once you set up ApplePay on your Apple Watch, you are ready to pay even when you don’t have your iPhone with you.

2) Does ApplePay show names?

No, with ApplePay, a cashier cannot see a credit card number, name or any other personal details; it is completely protected.

3) Why is ApplePay not working at Subway?

ApplePay only works if you’re eligible to use it. If this happens, check if your ApplePay account is still eligible by logging into it.

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