If you love cooking, then it’s a great time to be in the kitchen. Digital cookbooks are changing the way many home cooks find and share new recipe ideas. With an ever-growing list of cooking apps entering the marketplace, sometimes it’s best to start with time-tested favorites. These amazing apps from top recipe sources will bring your cooking into the future. Gone are the days of hoarding entire shelves of cookbooks to keep hold of one special recipe. Cookbook apps are a huge improvement over books in many ways, and many are free.
Whether you’re just getting started or looking for another gem to add to your collection, we think you’ll like our list of the best cookbook apps available for iPad and iPhone.

Better Homes & Gardens – (Meredith Corporation): No more writing down ingredients on a piece of paper! This great app, which is also free, allows you to check off grocery lists as you are shopping. No more forgetting that super essential ingredient and having to drive all the way back to the store. This app contains 500 recipes, each with a savory photo, and 75 videos. Find a recipe you know your mom will love. With a few taps, you can send her a Facebook message with the recipe.

Allrecipes Video Cookbook – (All Recipes, Inc.): This app has a more polished approach to recipes. With professionally produced videos, you can sort through different meals by course. It allows users to rate the meals, so you can see which are probably the tastiest. Once you have eaten your dish, you can then rate the meals yourself. Also, check out the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner for more cooking ideas.
Epicurious Free (Condé Nast Digital): With over 5 million downloads, this is an extremely popular cookbook app. Recipes from the famous Epicurious website are now available on your iPad, allowing you to easily bring them into your kitchen without having to print them out and waste valuable ink and paper. This app also integrates with your iPhone (if you have one) and syncs recipes on both. You can search for meals by popularity, to see what America is eating. Read a full review of Epicurious Free.

Healthy Recipes – (SparkPeople): Looking to eat healthier, and maybe even shed a few pounds? This is the app for you. You can see the calories in each of the meals, as well as carbs and other nutritional information. Short on time? This app allows you to search by preparation time! So if you only have twenty minutes to throw together a quick meal for the family, you can do it and make sure that it is healthy.
Big Fork Little Fork (Kraft Foods): If you have kids, and want them to spend some time with you in the kitchen, this app is tailored for them. They can play food-related games, including a math game where you need to measure ingredients. They can also watch informational videos, which can teach them things, like how to crack an egg. The app strives to bring families together for dinner and even has a daily dinner topic you and the family can discuss.

BigOven Free (BigOven.com): This cookbook app has over 250,000 recipes. You’ll never have to eat the same recipe twice in this app. Seriously. Just to put it into perspective, if you were to eat one recipe from this app for dinner, every night, it would take you over 684 years to eat them all. This app is a great example of the superiority that iPad apps have over books. Could you imagine how big the book would have to be with over 250,000 recipes?
With so many additional features, it’s easy to see why iOS cookbook apps are basically superior to traditional books. Check out these free cookbooks for iPad and iPhone to see which ones you like best! And, if you know of another great app leave a note in the comments so we can check it out too.

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