Bloom is a truly unique music app by English musician and father of ambient music Brian Eno. Eno and his collaborator, musician/programmer Peter Chilvers, created a one-of-a-kind app, that allows the user to both create and enjoy unique pieces of music. While other music apps use existing instrumentation, Bloom has its own new musical instrument complementing the iPhone’s interface. In Eno’s own words: “Bloom is an endless music machine, a music box for the 21st century. You can play it, and you can watch it play itself.”
The UI of Bloom is full of colors and by tapping it in different places, different tones are formed. While a great look is created through fading dots that represent the different tones, the sound created through the tapping is being looped, allowing the user to create their own piece of music, which then gradually changes. If you simply want to enjoy music and relax Bloom furthermore provides the option of creating music by itself, offering a new and different piece every time.
Any creatively-minded and music loving iPhone owner will get a real kick out of this uniquely cool, relaxing and stimulating app.