With Barack Obama now sworn in as president it is time for some serious opinion poll watching. If you are an Obama fan or a political junkie, this is a great app for keeping your finger on the pulse of what others feel about the 44th president.
Change (US Politics) lets users tap their support or disapproval for President Obama’s handling of a wide range of issues. The economy, war on terrorism, and other issues are part of about a dozen that are included. The strength of Change is the instant participation that it allows. Want to show your approval for Obama’s handling of the economy? Just pull up that poll and hit the approval button. Less than thrilled about how the president is working on the war on terror? Bang on the negative button. Or maybe you are just neutral about an issue — there is even a space for that too.
There is not much science here, as you are getting a reading of how users of the app are feeling about Obama — not a wide-ranging Gallup poll. But there is some interesting data and Change is extremely readable and presents the information with good formatting that is a pleasure to read and look at on an iPhone/iPod touch.
The most innovative feature is an interactive globe that you can maneuver with your finger. It displays a color-based reading of how Change users around the world are voting. Along with the globe feature, each of the issues have an icon that allow for viewing of news articles and Twitter feeds. And if one of the articles or feeds stirs your political opinion, tap the “shout out on Twitter” button.
If you are really into politics and number crunching, you may not be as hip on the polling information since it is not based on a true opinion poll. The app also is quite slow on the initial load — something that could hopefully be rectified with future updates. But Change is a great start at a political app that combines user feedback with news and tweets. It will be interesting to see where it goes in the future.