Minecraft-a game of exploration and adventure into infinite worlds, isn’t it? What happens if another virtual world- NFTs give you access to the Minecraft world? The Critterz NFT is one such exclusive NFT project that will make your Minecraft journey beyond exceptional. All in one place, you see tokens, blocks, worlds. As creative as the game is, this Critterz Genesis collection will give users a new and fun perspective towards the virtual world. 

Have a mind-boggling time learning about an exclusive entry into the Minecraft world, what to do with Critterz NFTs, and how it is related to the game overall. Also, see what the Critterz NFT prices and sales statistics have to say. 

Critterz NFT: Numbers Into The Project Genesis Collection. 

Genesis Critterz

Total Items 3.9K
Owners 175
Genesis Critterz NFT Floor Price 1.59 ETH
Volume Traded in the Project 6.7K


Staked Critterz

Total Items 14.5K
Owners 2.2K
Volume Traded 3.2 ETH


Critterz Plots

Total Items 18.6K
Owners 1.5K
Plots Floor Price 0.091 ETH
Volume Traded in the Project 1.3K ETH

(The above information stands valid as of  January 4th, 2021) 

Entering The Critterz Minecraft World (How To Buy And From Where)

Minecraft's P2E World Genesis Critterz NFT
Source: Critterz.xyz

A fully on-chain NFT that lives within the Ethereum blockchain, Project Critterz NFT enables Play-to-Earn on Minecraft. The process that this project takes you through w.r.t your NFT is quite interesting. With your ownership also comes the right to stake your Critterz, so you not only can store the Critterz NFT collection in the wallet but also use it for exclusive access to the Minecraft world. 

These 4096 NFTs, having 64 by 64-pixel art, showcase the 3D model of the Minecraft Character. Then there is a 20 by 40-pixel art that only shows the frontal view of the character. Critterz NFTs are categorized into six types which include Frog, Doge, Cat, Mouse, Ape, and Alien. 

Let Us See How To Buy Critterz Project Genesis NFT:

  1. Connect your wallet to the official website of Critterz critterz.xyz
  2. Initially, during the launch, there were two options: “Mint” or “Mint and Stake”. With the latter option, you would save up on the gas fees for staking Critterz NFT. 
  3. Critterz NFT is also displayed on the OpenSea platform. You can buy NFTs from there now. 
  4. After buying, you have an option to Stake Critterz. This further opens up the door further into the Minecraft world with renting, plot claiming, and $BLOCK generation. 
  5. With these blocks that you generate via Minecraft, you can claim plots now. 
  6. Buying Critterz NFTs, staking them, and claiming plots, all of it can be done under Genesis Critterz NFT OpenSea. 

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Critterz To $Blocks To Plots

Staking Critterz NFTs broadens the purview of the entire project. It opens up different other mechanisms apart from access to the Critterz Minecraft world, like $BLOCKs generation and renting out unused staked Critterz. You receive a token, sCritter after staking your NFT. sCritter is a token that can be used to generate $BLOCK from the game. With more sCritterz, you can generate more $BLOCKs. Now whenever you want, you can either rent your sCritterz or unstake it. 

On the Critterz World Map dApp, you can claim a plot with the help of $BLOCKs. All you have to do is select any plot of land, sign the transaction and mint it using tokens. The plot also has to be staked so that you can build upon it. If you are purchasing plots of secondary marketplaces, then you have to stake it separately, however, if you are doing it with $BLOCKs then it is automatically staked. 

Well, here’s a fun fact. If there is a plot that is unclaimed, you can modify any blocks there and gather resources. However, once the plot has been claimed, it is completely the owner’s property.

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Do Not Wish To Stake Genesis Critterz?

Maybe you aren’t willing to stake your Genesis Critterz NFTs. Now what? 

There are two other ways via which you can enter into the Minecraft world without staking Critterz. The first one is by purchasing a plot from a secondary marketplace like OpenSea. Although, the main disadvantage is that you will not be able to generate $BLOCKs. Another one is by renting a Staked Critterz, again via a secondary marketplace. Plus point, you will also receive 2/3rd of the $BLOCKs that are generated. For at least 7 days you will have access to the rented Critterz NFT and after this, the owner can take away the access. 

Project Genesis Critterz NFT
Source: Critterz.xyz

Here, if you have rented sCritterz and you wish to sell it to another player then the remaining time (from 7 days) and the profit-sharing agreement will also be transferred. During these 7 days, the main owner cannot unstake their Critterz NFT. 

What Does The Minecraft World Look Like?

Any instructions related to joining the Critterz Minecraft Server are there in the Critterz Dashboard. You have to verify yourself in the chat and then open the in-game link. You will further have to connect to Metamask. Although anyone can access the server, however, only the players with a minimum of one staked Critterz can access the main world and start generating $BLOCK.

Once the players join the game, they are first put in a lobby. Meanwhile, the player’s wallet and staked Critterz are checked and verified. Post this, they are given the Critterz rank on the server and are moved to the main survival world. 

Critterz Statistics And Price Prediction

Critterz NFTs Genesis collection was launched on 28th December 2021. Since then, their all-time average price is 0.3784 ETH and the all-time volume traded is 1,746.5755, as of December 31, 2021. 

The Critterz  NFT sales were at their peak on 29th December, and slowly it declined along with the average price. Whilst we make Critterz NFT price prediction, we can say that the price is still going to be low seeing the decrease in the number of sales. 


Well, if you are a Minecraft player, then what are you waiting for? Go, visit Critterz NFT’s official page, and buy those NFTs, stake them, generate $BLOCKs, and purchase a plot. Build your own empire! In the end, it is all about owning your part of the land in the game that you play, for you have put in efforts. 

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