The Surreals NFT are unique digital collectibles belonging to the genre of generative artworks. Comprising 10,000 hand-painted portraits assembled by code, the Official Surreals NFT collection bears a classic, surreal, naturalistic, and aesthetic flavour. Residing on the Ethereum blockchain, each Surreal is distinct as it is assembled arbitrarily from a set of hand-drawn images. Moreover, every Surreal is mysterious, poised, and has an intriguing backstory.

Created by net artist Jay Eff Vee, the Surreals are listed for sale on the OpenSea platform and have an active community on Twitter and Discord. This article will give you valuable insights on the Official Surreals NFT collection, the roadmap ahead, and its latest price statistics.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into The Official Surreals NFT Universe.

The Official Surreals NFT
Surreals can be broadly categorized into five rarity classes – Plants, Fungi, Corals, Minerals, and Outsiders. 
Plants are the most common natives of the Surreal collection and the prime energy producers for many ecosystems.

Rarer and more prestigious than plants, Fungi are the indispensable recyclers and decomposers. A notch higher on the rarity scale than Fungi is the Corals who can create calcified structures using their skeletons. The second-rarest entities in the collection are the Minerals, best known for their rarity, beauty, and methodicalness. Last but not least, the rarest of the lot are Outsiders – an embodiment of physical laws governing the universe.

Single-layer digital colouring of every Surreal component using virtual techniques that resemble real oil paints is a fascinating feature of the Surreals NFT collection.

The project’s vision includes elevating the visual appeal of profile picture artworks and determining the value of each Surreal and its traits by the Surreals community and owners.

When Was The Official Surreals NFT Collection Launched?

The official website went live on September 28, 2021, while the first drop of the Official Surreals NFTs occurred on October 1, 2021.

Potential Giveaways

The first official giveaway will be a 1/1 120 X 120 canvas print Surreals splash art piece to the winning Surreal-holder.
Moreover, even if you are a non-Surreal holder, you are eligible to participate and win smaller prizes like a Plant, a Fungus, a Coral, and a Mineral. Check the website regularly for updates on the official giveaway date.

The Road Ahead For The Surreals NFT.

The official Surreals NFT project enables you to choose your adventure. The focal point of this project is producing high-quality digital art pieces. Currently, integrating metaverses, releasing comic books, or merchandising products isn’t in the larger scheme.

However, the creator aims to bring the Surreals to the physical realm soon by setting up a print portal within the official website. Moreover, the Surreal portraits have been upscaled to four times their original resolution that enables you to make larger prints. 

As the project grows and the community expands, the vision may change. Hence, you can expect metaverse melding, caricatures, comic strips, or merch in the future. The Surreals community is expected to adopt the DAO mechanism for project governance, and the royalties from Surreal NFT sales would be used for financing the DAO.

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Know Sales Statistics Of The Official Surreals NFTs as of October 14, 2021

Current Selling And Floor Prices

As per OpenSea, the latest selling price is ETH 0.39, and the floor price is ETH 0.21.

Latest Sales Statistics (October 8 – 14, 2021)

As per the last 7-day sales data, 3,107 Surreal NFTs were sold at an average price of $1,300. The 7-day trading volumes equalled $4.04 million. 10% Surreals were sold for $721 or lower, 50% for $978 or less, and the top 10% at $1,944 or higher. There are 5,000 unique Surreal NFT owners to date.

In the past 30 days, Surreal #7056 was the most expensive Surreal NFT to be sold at a whopping price of $78,100, followed by Surreal #5450 ($75,400) and Surreal #2887 ($70,400).

Are The Surreals NFT A Worthy Buy?

Every Surreal is a distinct piece with some or all properties – background, body, chest, class, head, left-hand, right-hand, and special accessories. Moreover, Surreal animations or Surreals set in motion are a rare sight to behold.
Jay is keen on expanding the Official Surreals NFT universe and is planning a second drop early next year. The anticipated theme of the next drop is the dark facets of Surrealism. The community may use the new additions either as giveaways or as airdrops to existing holders.

As an NFT lover, you have a lot to look forward to from this project in the future. Moreover, as a part of the Surreal NFT community, you can participate in the price-discovery process in a fun environment. Hence, go ahead and grab the vintage Surreals today!

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