Seeking more information or statistical data on CrypToadz NFT Collectibles by Gremplin? Searching for an NFT collection of amphibious creatures living in the metaverse? Interested in adding rare toad collectibles to your crypto asset portfolio? If you nod your head affirmatively to any of these questions, browse through this article to find out more about CrypToadz NFTs.

Minted by digital artist Gremplin, the CrypToadz NFT collection comprises 6969 tiny and warty toad-like creatures, each having unique features and attempting to escape the despotic ruler Gremplin. They are created using ERC – 721 token standards and lie on the Ethereum blockchain. This article will present an overview of the CrypToadz NFTs, their recent sales statistics, and how you can acquire them.

The Backstory Of The CrypToadz NFT Universe

CrypToadz NFTS Review
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CrypToadz is amphibious creatures inhabiting the marshy basin of Uniswamp. A few weeks ago, an evil king Gremplin entered their territory and exiled their leader, Colonel Floorbin, to Gooch Island. Then, he declared himself as the ruler of the Toadz and rechristened Uniswamp as Grempland. Along with his mighty army of Fronkz, Gremplin wreaked havoc on the CrypToadz.

Now, you may be wondering why Gremplin is troubling the Toadz? In January 2021, Gremplin scuttered through dark ducts and wet pipes but lost his way back home to the depths of his hole. Unable to cope up with the tumultuous energies of the metaverse, he created spinning boxes for survival. Eventually, he started drawing the land’s residents to kill time and rebuild his life in the new land. His ruthlessness is a manifestation of his desperation to return home.
The CrypToadz NFT collection was minted to free the Toadz from Gremplin.

Latest Sales And Pricing Information Of CrypToadz NFT Collection

Selling And Floor Prices Of CrypToadz NFTs As Of September 11, 2021

CrypToadz NFT Collection
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The launch price of CrypToadz NFTs was ETH 0.069 each. The collection has been completely sold out but is available in the secondary marketplace for trading. The current floor price of the CrypToadz NFT collection is ETH 0.62.

Currently, the listed sale prices of single CrypToadz NFTs lie within the range of WETH 0.2 – ETH 69,696.90 on OpenSea. At the time of curating this article, only the Fly Boys CrypToadz NFT bundle was put up for sale at ETH 8. This bundle encompasses 2 NFTs – CrypToadz #1060 and CrypToadz #324.

Total Trading Volumes And Sales Statistics Of CrypToadz NFTs As Of September 11, 2021

Sales Statistics Of CrypToadz NFTs
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As per the past week’s data on NFT stats, the 7-day trading volumes equal $17.61 million. 6,546 CrypToadz NFTs were sold in the last seven days at an average price of $2,691 per NFT. The past 7-day lowest, median, and highest sale prices were $702, $2,444, and $3,580, respectively. Total volumes traded to date equal ETH 5,300.

The five most expensive CrypToadz NFTs as per last 30 days data are CrypToadz #4911 ($157,000), CrypToadz #5943 ($57,900), CrypToadz #6572 ($52,000), CrypToadz #3143 ($49,200), and CrypToadz #2997 ($43,400).

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A Brief Guide On How To Add The Fantastic CrypToadz NFT To Your Crypto Art Collection

1. Log in to your OpenSea account and type “CrypToadz by Gremplin” in the search bar.
2. Once you are redirected to the CrypToadz NFT collection page, search for the specific item you intend to purchase.

How To Add The Fantastic CrypToadz NFTs
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3.  Select the desired NFT and click on the “buy now” or “make offer” button.

How to Buy CrypToadz NFTS
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4. Ensure you have an e-wallet account with the requisite Ether balance. If your e-wallet doesn’t have the necessary balance, buy the requisite amount of ETH tokens from any cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Gemini, Kraken, etc. Some of the digital wallets supported by OpenSea are Metamask, Kaikas, Bitski, Authereum, and Arkane network.
5. Complete the purchase or quote a bid price depending on the option you have chosen. Your wallet will be debited with the preferred NFT’s cost if you exercise the “buy now” option. If the selected NFT’s owner accepts your bid price, you will be able to procure the desired NFT at your offer price.

Where to Buy CrypToadz NFTS
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You can acquire CrypToadz NFTs from Rarible too. Join the Discord channel, follow the CrypToadz Twitter handle, or visit the website to get timely notifications on new NFT creations, sales, or airdrops.

Closing Words

CrypToadz is a noun-NFT project that encompasses pixelated images of amphibious critters, each having distinct combinations of attributes. Every amphibian has at least one trait and can have a maximum of seven traits, namely accessory I, accessory II, background, body, eyes, head, and mouth. Besides, each broad category of properties has five subcategories. Moreover, some of the Toadz may have clothes and custom characteristics too.

As this project is in the public domain, any user can create self-sustaining derivative artworks from it. As of September 11, 2021, 7026 CrypToadz NFT, including bundles and derivatives, are listed on OpenSea. Presently, there are 2,712 unique owners. 78% of them don’t have more than two Toadz.

Thus, grab as many incredible CrypToadz NFT as you please and help the Toadz escape the tyrannical rule of Gremplin. You may also fill out an order form for physical Toadz here.

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