There’s nothing like the smell of pine tar in the afternoon combined with a warm sunny day, a hotdog and sharing a beverage or two while watching America’s favorite game. Unfortunately, I live in a rainy town without a major league baseball team. Fortunately, the EvriThing Baseball app has my back.
From up to the minute stats and scores to roster moves, photos and the latest MLB tweets, EvriThing Baseball is your pass to a vast knowledge center of all things baseball. It’s a baseball fanatic’s dream app.
Sure, there are plenty of apps and websites that can get you the latest sports news, but none do it so elegantly and effortlessly as EvriThing Baseball. Upon launching the app you’re presented with the general baseball news channel that highlights the latest news and information from around the league.
For instance, the first story presented is from Bleacher Report and it discusses the pros and cons about inter league play and the second article dives into photos of Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier making obscene gestures, allegedly. There’s all several articles from, AP Online and many others. It also gives you a time stamp of when the article posted. Scroll down a bit further and you’re presented with a Twitter feed from such outlets as Ohio News.
The app features several different channels including standings, trade talk, roster moves, etc. My favorite is the scoreboard channel that shows all games scheduled for the day. After clicking on the game you want to check, another menu pops up with the scoreboard.
The localization feature allows you to select your favorite team, the Seattle Mariners in this case for me, and be inundated with a ball park full of information. It’s completely dialed into your team. It’s your own mini news report just on your team from all the regional and national news outlets.
Similar to the main menu, your team channel also allows you to select the EvriThing feed which is the mashup of news, photos and Twitter or select each individual channel for your viewing pleasure.
The EvriThing Baseball app is for fanatics and casual sports fans who are looking for an all-access pass or a simple score. A word to the wise, if you are a casual sports fan don’t use this app or you’ll find yourself addicted to every RBI, BB and HR stat from here on out. But then again, it is a great sport to be addicted to and the app is free.
At last count, Evri Mobile has seven apps that cover “evri” thing from tech to gossip to rock and roll. Check out their site for a list of apps for iOS and Android phones.
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