GoodGuide is a new addition to the app store that marries truly useful information with its perfect match, the mobile platform. This is one of those apps that provides a solution many consumers have been waiting for — a comprehensive guide to the health, environmental and social impacts of everyday products like shampoo, cleaning products, sun screen, or medicine. With over 65,000 products, GoodGuide brings the largest existing database of its kind to the mobile platform, allowing consumers to use it at home, on the go and while shopping.
Started by Berkeley professor Dara O’Rourke, GoodGuide lets you view product information and ratings, check the facts on the product as well as its manufacturer, read news items about recalls or other issues and browse top rated products by category. Furthermore the app lets you create your own shopping lists as well as “avoid lists” and allows you to share products with friends and family. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive information makes GoodGuide a new essential addition to the endeavor of choosing the right product in a world flooded with consumer choices.
Not only will GoodGuide benefit parents of young children, looking to find the least harmful and toxic products to use on their babies, it also helps anyone concerned with the impact products have on their own health, as well as the environment. And by bringing this vast source of information to the iPhone, the “for benefit” organization makes navigating through the store a whole lot easier.
GoodGuide recently received “Best in Show” at the Web 2.0 summit. With a vast amount of information on personal care products, GoodGuide fills the important gap of product transparency in an overwhelming marketplace.