Griffin TuneJuice – If you count on your iPod (standard, mini or nano) to provide a nonstop soundtrack for your life, then you know there will come a time when you’ll be hearing your music machine wheeze to a stop instead of listening to Weezer.
What you need is more battery juice. Griffin’s TuneJuice puts the go go in your Lady Gaga by giving you up to an extra 14 hours of audio play and up to 2 hours of video play.
It’s a simple gadget. Add four triple play batteries to a small hard shell case, plug it in to your standard, mini or nano iPod and that’s all there is to it. TuneJuice comes with four AAA batteries, so you’re immediately ready to go.
I also tried using TuneJuice with my iPhone—the plug is the same—and it apparently work, but only in Airplane mode, which means having to turn off my cellphone. Obviously, that’s not going to work for many people. Anyway, the best it could do was slightly slow the iPhone’s battery drain. I’ll assume the same is true with a the iPod touch, but I didn’t have one to use for a test.
Griffin makes a unit specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch but I didn’t try it and for MSRP of $70 (street price $20-$29), I’m positive that it won’t be trying it either.
When you want to rock on, press the Griffin TuneJuice’s silver button, slide the plastic case off and stick in the batts. The case is a hard-shell with a matte black finish so you won’t see finger prints.
I don’t have a scale small enough to weigh it, but figure on the weight of four AAA batts, a short wired plug. It’s small, unobtrusive and weighs practically nothing. The only complaint you might have is having the add-on dangling from your iPod like a new born dangles from an umbilical cord.
Play time could be conceivably as much as 14 hours with a fully charged iPod and a fresh set of alkaline batteries, which tend to live longer than conventional and rechargeable batteries. If your iPod is partially charged, you might get as much as 10 hours of audio and 1 1/2 hours of video. That’s probably enough to carry you from one AC outlet to another, where you can recharge your iPod.
It has a one-year warranty, although it’s hard to image that you’ll need it because there’s nothing to the Griffin’s TuneJuice that is likely to malfunction of break.

  • Maker: Griffin Technology
  • Model: TuneJuice
  • MSRP: $30.
  • Griffin TuneJuice the iPhone Accessories Store