Party games and iPhone can certainly go hand in hand, but sometimes they don’t go well. With the new Heads Up app by Warner Bros., endorsed by Ellen herself, hand in hand – or head in hand – the combination is a winner. Heads Up is a guessing game you play with partners. The game is simple – select a category, follow the directions and play a game of giving and guessing clues with friends and family. Heads Up is a fun game that you can play anytime and anywhere. Granted, you have to be OK with holding your iPhone up to your forehead – but who’s not OK with that?
Heads Up gets its name from the positioning of your device on the guesser’s forehead. That way, the guesser can’t see the word being guessed, but the clue-giver(s) can. But besides being just an element of fun and source of a good name, the app records moments during the game for video playback after each round and accurate positioning is critical to good video.
Heads Up categories include Pop Star Overload, Act it Out, Animals Gone Wild, Blockbuster Movies, Icons, Legends & Stars, Accents & Impressions and finally, Hey Mr. DJ. These categories are included with the Heads Up initial purchase, but additional categories like Favorite Fictional Characters, Take it Literally, and All the Right Moves are available for an additional in-app purchase. Each category theme is different for obvious reasons, but some categories have different rules for play and added challenges for extra fun.
The initial launch of the Heads Up app features Ellen DeGeneres demonstrating a quick “how-to-play” that includes which direction to tilt the iPhone for passing or advancing to a new word after a correct guess. There is a time limit for each round and the object is to get as many correct guesses as possible before time runs out. The app keeps a tally of the number and names of all guesses – right and wrong – for each round. Though there are suggested “rules” for each category, how you actually play is really up to your own house rules and maybe your audience. Fortunately, Heads Up is great for all ages and has a broad variety of categories to choose from to appeal to any audience.
Whether you’re in the mood to hum or sing or feel like talking in a foreign accent – or maybe not talking at all – Heads Up has a great variety of categories and options for a fun game of clues and guesses. Don’t forget the video at the end – sometimes that’s the best part. If you get a really great video, share it on Facebook. But no matter when, where or how you play, Heads Up is a fun party game that you can take with you anywhere and play with anyone.