Apple’s iPhone accounts for 66.1 percent of all mobile Web traffic according to a new study from NetApplications, a Web solutions provider. The Java ME platform lags way behind with 9.06 percent and Windows Mobile is playing catch up at 6.91 percent. NetApplications says that although the iPhone has a huge lead in mobile browsing share, Android and Symbian, which are tied for fourth place with 6.15 percent share of Web traffic and BlackBerry with 2.24 percent share are picking up the pace.
Don’t conclude the figures mean that Apple’s iPhone is losing Web traffic share to its rivals, however. NetApplications says you must consider that the mobile Web browsing market overall is expanding rapidly. Mobile Web browsing as a percentage of all Web browsing finished February at 0.72 percent, up from 0.69 percent in January 2009.
NetApplications adds that Google’s search dominance on smartphones is now even greater than its lead on the desktop. The Big G accounted for 97.5 percent of global smartphone searches in February. Yahoo followed with just 2.03 percent, and MSN trailed at only 0.07 percent. NetApplications notes that Microsoft’s recent 5-year search agreement with Verizon Wireless should significantly elevate its mobile profile in coming years.