Low Grav Racer – If you’ve been jonesing for a futuristic low-gravity racer like the classic Wipeout and F-Zero 3D racers for your iPhone or iPod touch, then slide into the cockpit of Cobra Mobile’s Low Grav Racer.
The graphics in this game are quite good, especially considering the platform. The soundtrack is techno, but not too monotonous, and it adds a sense of urgency to each race. The sound effects for missile launches and explosions are well done too.
Tilt to steer, brake with your left thumb, fire missiles and drop mines with your right. There’s no accelerator. You launch automatically and after that you’ll either go fast or faster depending on the craft you choose, whether you grab the right power up, or slipstream an opponent.
My initial reaction playing Low Grav Racer was that the tilt sensitivity was way too twitchy and made steering impossibly difficult. I found myself scraping the railings more often than actually racing. Motion control seems fine to me now that I’ve had more practice and my familiarity with the layout of some tracks has increased. For what it’s worth, the tilt controls for the single mode seem more sensitive to me than the competition mode, but it maybe a matter of more developed skills.
Low Grav Racer combines elements of nearly every race game you’ll encounter, and not just spacecraft hover racers. You have the option of single and competition modes and a choice of in this instance, Alpha Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each class is a compromise of speed and armor.
In Low Grav Racer you have the option of choosing between ship and cockpit views, again, nothing usual there.
From the starting grid, sitting in sixth place, your hover racer launches automatically. Within a couple of eye blinks your five CPU controlled competitors are hurtling down the course and you’re already playing catch up. In competition modes, in which there are 12 different tracks, you must finish in the top three to progress.
Your power ups are Speed Boost, Omega Mines, Alpha Missiles, Trident Missiles and Shield. The difference in the two types of missiles is the amount of damage they cause. The missiles look cool when they fly down the track, zoom around turns and explode when they hit their mark.
Your opponents can fire back so be on the lookout for the arrow-shaped alert on the bottom of the screen. That will tell you when a missile is locked on your backside and whether its armed.