Meta Penguin Island NFT brings to you, a collection of 8888 unique penguins created in the Ethereum blockchain and stored as ERC-721 tokens. And, whilst you enjoy the ownership rights of Meta Penguins, you will relish the utilities and rewards that come on your way!

In this article, you will dive deep into an NFT experience like never before with these little and bizarre penguins. Learn about Meta Penguin Island NFT’s roadmap and its growth statistics. For all those who are NFT enthusiasts, you most definitely must read this ahead.

An Overview Of Meta Penguin Island NFT

Total Items 3.5K
Meta Penguin Island NFT Floor Price 0.198 ETH
Meta Penguin Island Owners 2.3K
Volume Traded 444 ETH

(The above information stands valid as of February 28, 2022)

Meta Penguin Island NFT Experience

Meta Penguin Island NFT Floor Price

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All the 8888 penguin NFTs are differentiated by their rarity levels, featuring over 200 traits. As far as the quality is concerned, Meta Penguin Island NFTs are generated with high-quality 4K resolution equipped with beautifully designed elements. You can use these NFTs as your profile picture and also as a 3D model in the Metaverse.

This project uses ERC721X which further reduces gas fees on minting and transferring NFTs. As a holder, you no longer will have to worry about increased gas costs. According to the Meta Penguin Island NFT website, owing to ERC721X, this will be the lowest gas fees mint that has emerged in the history of NFT. Not only this but they also encourage other NFT projects to implement the same optimization standard and to an extent, minimize the burden of the NFT users all over the space.

Meta Penguin Island Roadmap: Path Forward


Before investing in the project, it is imperative to understand the steps that they are going to follow to ensure growth and expansion.

The roadmap is divided into 4 phases with the first one being art. Meta Penguin Island NFTs are designed aesthetically by award-winning artists and there is no compromise on the quality, making the NFT collection rare and unique with 200+ traits.

For the next phase, the team will shower some love upon the holders with their physical merchandise collection, plushies and clothing.

Penguins love and expose each other to a very warm, friendly-like environment. Meta Penguin Island NFT will use DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) for any decision pertaining to Penguin Island. Your penguin will bestow upon you the right to vote.

You will also receive a 3D model of your very own penguin which can be used in different NFT metaverses. With this, as a holder, you will enjoy your penguin’s full intellectual property rights and can use or remix it as and when you want!

Meta Penguin Island Mint Price, Floor Price To Sales: Everything You Need To Know!

How to buy Meta Penguin Island NFT

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During the launch of the project, the Meta Penguin Island NFT mint price was set at 0.24 ETH. After February 18, the sales have been increasing in the upward direction. And as of February 20, the project’s all-time average price is set at 0.2346 ETH. The current Floor price as of Feb 28 2022 is 0.198 ETH.

Meta Penguin Island NFT Price Prediction

Meta Penguin Island NFT price prediction can be made on the basis of an increase in sales. The price is expected to rise because of the rise in demand for the NFT.

Now that you know the price is gonna rise, take advantage of this opportunity and grab your own Penguin!

How to Buy Meta Penguin Island NFT: Quick Guide To Enter Into The Penguin Island

Let us now have a quick look at how to buy Meta Penguin Island NFT. First, go to their official website You can buy this NFT on Meta Penguin Island OpenSea webpage. On the top right, you can find the option “Buy on OpenSea”. Select your Penguin NFT and connect your wallet. Your NFT will be stored in your wallet.

According to Meta Penguin Island NFT Twitter page, once you mint an NFT you might see an egg in the placeholder till the reveal day.

Closing Words

Meta Penguin Island NFT project adds extensive value to the NFT space and community. With like-minded people in this project, you’ll find yourself exhibiting love and interaction amongst each other. Join a project that is designed by world-class artists who have worked for premium brands like Adidas, Superdry, Microsoft etc.

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