Non-fungible tokens are referred to as NFTs. A virtual asset that depicts real-world elements like art, music, in-game items, and films is known as an NFT. NFTs, like top cryptocurrencies, are exchanged online using blockchain technology. Holders of NFTs will also receive a digital certificate of authenticity proving ownership.
The Crypto Fever Intensifies
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NFTs have recently risen to prominence as a promising investment prospect. It’s equivalent to purchasing real works of art. The appeal of buying an NFT is that you can resell it to the highest bidder at a later date and profit handsomely. NFT transactions are on the rise, with a total of $2.5 billion in sales so far this year. The total value of NFT transactions in 2020 is expected to be around $2 million.

  • Takung Art

It is a perfect illustration of the euphoria that is propelling so-called “non-financial” equities higher. TKAT stock increased by roughly 300 percent in a single trading day. Takung Art describes itself as an online fine art trading platform with a concentration on Asian art. Its site, which is based in Hong Kong, allows users to sell and buy entire pieces of great art. Investors are more interested in the company’s business model, which supports shared asset ownership. Takung has paintings, calligraphies, jewelry, and precious jewels for sale. And, according to the business, it aims to allow more people to participate in the art market without worry of fraud or price manipulation. Its platform, along with cheaper entry fees due to shared asset ownership, should encourage more investors to enter the art field.
Takung also goes into detail about their business model. It claims that listing fees, trade commissions, agent fees, and management fees are how it makes money. This does provide investors with some insight into a stock that is otherwise unknown.

  • Jiayin Group

JOIN isn’t a stock that a lot of people are paying attention to. Even though it was listed on the Nasdaq Exchange in May of this year, the average daily trading volume is minimal. Many days before the NFT mania struck Wall Street, only 100,000 shares changed hands. As a result, Jiayin Group is well-versed in trading volatility. Jiayin claims to be a Shanghai-based high-tech financial firm. It connects customers with financial services by using data analytics and fintech research. Jiayin also promotes Geerong, a comparable fintech firm, which is one of its affiliates. Geerong operates in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Mexico, specializing in fintech delivery.

  • Oriental Culture Group

In the NFT stocks space, Oriental Culture is quite conversant. A company, like Takung, provides a Hong Kong-based online platform for fine art.

Oriental, on the other hand, advertises itself as an online marketplace that goes above and beyond for customers, in contrast to Takung, which focuses on the advantages of shared ownership. It plans to expand its offerings by launching an e-commerce service chain, for example. Shareholder education, payment processing, market analysis, customer support, and illustrations storage of goods are all services that the company currently provides. This makes it more appealing to a wide range of people.

  • Liquid Media

Canadian Liquid Media enters the NFT stock market with video games. In the entertainment business, the organization advertises itself with a consulting services juggernaut. Clients can organize, develop, distribute, and commercialize any video-based intellectual property using the company’s solutions. Liquid Media claims to assist introduce professional TV, film, and video game IP into the globe with its end-to-end solutions.

For investors, the video game strong role to be the most appealing right now. Liquid Media is presently highlighting games like All-Star Baseball and AFL Live franchise games that have used its solutions. Antz Racing, Battle Monsters, and Blast Lacrosse are among the other teams featured. Investors are debating how YVR stock fits into the NFT stock craze because of this collection of video game material. Atari and Liquid Media recently struck a distribution partnership. As a result, the new Atari hybrid system will be able to access its video-on-demand platform.

  • Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment is a resort and entertainment complex located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The NFT only went public in the summer of 2020, but that hasn’t stopped the anticipation. To become public the Hall of Fame concluded a combination with a special purpose acquisition business. Its current goal is to provide a Hall of Fame-like experience for NFL fans. It’s worth noting for investors that it now runs the Hall of Fame Village. The business plans to add numerous fields, a waterpark, a convention center, and areas for esports and sports betting to the existing site. Consider this something akin to a Disney World for football fans.

Throughout the NFT and crypto worlds, professional sports have found a receptive audience. On the blockchain, trading card sales are rising, and the NBA has found success with the Top Shot platform. The NFL is now vying for a piece of the non-fungible token pie. According to a March 17 release, the NFL is embarking on the development of an NFT strategy. To investors, the Hall of Fame appears to be a no-brainer.

  • Cinedigm

Cinedigm is a digital entertainment company that specializes in online movies and video streaming. It has an excellently content library, with movies and TV episodes available on its platform, which is popular among investors. Cinedigm has also been expanding its capabilities by allocating appropriate video libraries and creating distribution partnerships. Wizard Brands has announced the availability of its NFTs. CONtv, a service that transmits Comic-Con, has minority ownership in Wizard Brands. It turns out that Cinedigm operates this servicee in collaboration with Wizard Brands.

  • Color Star Technology

Color Star is primarily a digital platform for learning and pleasure. The organisation promotes a roster of well-known professors who deliver courses focused on their areas of expertise. Customers may then tune in and browse the whole course catalogue. Dancing classes from Taiwanese dance star Bowan Wang and instrument instruction from singer Zhihao Zhu are among the most popular courses. Color Stars claims to have operations in Beijing, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand, and Cambodia, in addition to Hong Kong. It is also responsible for a popular music festival in addition to its platform.

  • KBS Fashion Group

KBS Fashion Group is a casual menswear retailer with headquarters in China. According to the company, it has a long history of creating, manufacturing, and distributing its own fashion goods, which include footwear and accessories. It sells through a range of brands and has a network of 51 KBS stores throughout China to conduct these sales. Investors would be interesting to learn that KBS Fashion dates back to 1976 when it was known as Keep Best Style. This awareness of fashion, art, and culture is reflected in the company’s identity.

  • Dolphin Entertainment

Dolphin Entertainment, Inc. is situated in Florida and sells entertainment and premium content services. It has a market capitalization of around $76 million and revenue of $24 million last year. In March, the company signed an NFT agreement with Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment. The company’s stock signaled earlier that week after it announced the creation of a division dedicated only to NFTs.

  • ZK International Group

ZK International Group Co., Ltd is a steel-related corporation based in China. On July 21, the firm declared that its research and development section, xSigma Corporation, has finished smart contract development in preparation for the launch of a non-fungible token marketlace. Hashex’s audit of the deal was likewise successful, according to the company. This summer is when the marketplace is slated to go live.

It has a market capitalization of $81 million and revenue of more than $86 million. It was established in 2015 and now employs over 350 individuals.

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