What does the Zed Run NFT collection encompass? Well, it comprises unique digital racehorses that enable you to play an enthralling horse racing cryptogame. Currently, it is the top-ranked NFT horse racing game embedded on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. You can view the entire Zed Run collection on its website or OpenSea and follow its burgeoning community on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook for the latest updates.
This article will help you know more about the Zed Run NFTs, their recent sales statistics, and the project roadmap. 

Ready To Further Explore The Zed Run Ecosystem?

Zed Run NFTs
Source: Red.run

If you are all set to get on the racetrack, become a ZED pro by following five simple steps.
1. Create a stable
You can create a stable using a password-less e-mail login or a Metamask e-wallet account. As soon as you create a stable, the exclusive Zed Run wallet will appear in the top right corner of your homepage. It helps you breed, race, make purchases, deposit, or withdraw ETH at lightning-fast speeds. Moreover, you don’t need to incur transaction or gas costs.
2. Buying or selling racehorses
OpenSea is the trusted secondary marketplace for buying/selling Zed Run NFTs. You can also trade through Discord but at your own risk.
3. Breeding
You can breed hybrid racehorses or new offspring. However, there are some pre-requisites for breeding. You must be a stable owner, possess sufficient WETH balance, and own a minimum of one male (colt/stallion) and one female racehorse (filly/mare). For breeding, place your racehorses in a Stud farm, fix a minimum price, and specify the number of days. Each newly minted offspring has unique DNA, ability scores, distance preference, and traits. Check the website for breeding rules and cooling-off periods.

A racehorse’s bloodline, genotype, coat color, breed type, and past winning performances determine its rarity quotient. Genesis racehorses have a competitive edge over non-genesis racehorses, while Super Coats are the rarest breed comprising only 0.5% of the population as of June 2021.
4. Racing
Your newly bred horse or all unraced horses will be default categorized as Griffin class. Your racehorse’s base rating depends on its genotype. After every race, based on its finishing position, your racehorse will regress to a lower class or progress to a higher class.

Moreover, you can participate in free races and do a comparative performance analysis of your racehorses. Visit the Zed Run events page to know currently available free and paid races with buy-in rates. 
5. Tournaments
The first Zed Run tournament commenced on October 15, 2021. The top 192 racehorses in each distance preference funnel will qualify for the tournament at the end of the qualifying period.

When Was The Last Zed Run Drop?

The TERA DROP of genesis racehorses occurred on May 7, 2021. Check the official website for updates on anticipated airdrops.

The Zed Run Roadmap – Current And Future Outlook

Zed Run NFT Ecosystem
Source: Red.run

Already Launched

  • 2019: Referrals and rewards, upgraded racing algorithms, race performance indicators, AR-based Android-compatible digital stable, historical performance data API, race scheduling, cross-breeding, live 2D and 3D horse racing.
  • 2020: Game notifications, upgraded homepage, publicized stables, advanced marketplace features, fiat on-ramp, gas fee optimization.
  • 2021: Matic horse purchase, Matic breeding & stud, ranking races by classes for selecting races with the highest win-probability, NASCAR ZED pass NFTs with special perks, and access to in-game utilities.

In The Pipeline

  • Elo class ranking system
  • Leaderboards
  • Improved auction marketplace
  • Stable-wise performance dashboard
  • Detailed horse profiles
  • Wallet redesigning
  • Selling skins as a distinct NFT
  • Speeding up multi-chain or cross-chain transfers, etc.

Future Possibilities

  • Customized, user-generated, and automated races
  • Filtered race notifications
  • Race betting
  • Option to hide or bench a racehorse.
  • Horse ancestry information
  • Stable management mobile app
  • Fair queuing for racehorse purchases
  • Stable syndicates
  • Private Breeding
  • Fatigue factor in new breeds, etc.

Know The Zed Run Sales Statistics AS Of October 19, 2021

As of date, 1,32,000 racehorses are listed for sale on OpenSea. There are 33,500 distinct owners, and trading volumes to date equal 33,300. The current floor price is ETH 0.015. The latest highest sale was racehorse ‘Breathless Edge’ for ETH 110.

Is Zed Run NFT A Good Buy?

Zed Run is an exciting, secure, hack-free, and virus-immune blockchain-based digital horseracing game. All data like racehorse characteristics, stamina, past performances, and ownership details are stored on smart contracts. Moreover, the Matic network being a leading Ethereum layer-2 solution, ensures a seamless user experience.

Free races with prize pools, gasless transactions, many futuristic possibilities, blockbuster winnings, and a platform to build your rich legacy by minting/breeding champion or rare horses make Zed Run NFTs a worthy buy.

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