Rolando, one of the most anticipated games for iPhone and iPod touch, is ready for download and iPhone gaming will never be the same.
Rolando is an awesome example of what developers can accomplish using Apple’s multi-touch technology and accelerometer — and a whole lot of imagination. As we explained earlier this week, Rolando is a finger-swiping, tilt-n-tappin’, multi-touch wonderland.
The graphics are the best I’ve seen. It’s the type of bold colors and clean illustration that is right up my alley. Pop illustrator Mikko Walamies is the guy behind the art. His candylicious designs are teamed up with music by Mr. Scruff to create a world that just begs to be explored.
Once you start exploring Rolandoland, you’ll be hooked. The goal of Rolando — all 4 worlds and 36 levels — is to “save” the Rolandos by moving them through the level and exiting the door at the other end. In that sense, it is a classic platform puzzler. You move the Rolandos along by tilting your device to make them roll, swiping your finger to make them bounce, tossing them onto trampolines to catapult them across the screen, and a series of other ingenious moves depending on the level. This way of interacting with the Rolandos is what make this a completely new type of classic.
It’s super easy to get started with Rolando. On-screen tips pop up to help you navigate the Rolandos world: tilt to roll, draw a box to select multiple Rolandos, swipe two fingers to zoom out and get an overview of your current location. As you move through the levels, you get fewer tips and more challenges. In this way the difficulty builds as you learn.
I love Rolando the same way I was enamored with Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. as a kid. Rolandoland is a fascinating new world. The short levels seem to be custom made for mobile gaming where you might only have 10 or 15 minutes to play. Yet, it’s easy to lose hours at a time.
Want to know how I roll? Like a Rolando.