My first TrueFlirt message read: This is how techies flirt. ^_^
With a wink, a smile and an interactive “love scene,” my first flirt flew through the ether striking the recipient like cupid’s bow. Titled “Want to go up to makeout point?” the animated message offered a playful game for my crush to play and a set of three multiple choice responses to send back.
A few minutes later I received my slightly sarcastic response, “I’m not allowed to get in a stranger’s car.” Ouch! Shot down.
Still, TrueFlirt is a lot of fun. The app encourages a new kind of playful, sexy text messaging and is opening up a whole new way to flirt with your iPhone.
TrueFlirt, by Viximo, is a brilliantly simple idea. Instead of text-only messaging, the virtual gift company uses interactive animations that invite users to blow, tap, swipe, pinch, shake or tilt to play with the message.
Flirting should be fun, slightly suggestive but not explicit, and most of all create a sense of anticipation. There is an art to flirting and TrueFlirt captures its essence precisely.
I really like the set-up for TrueFlirt. The app is designed to be used with people you know, accessing your address book or allowing you to enter your own phone numbers. This means that while you can’t send an anonymous flirt to the hottie across the room, you also won’t be getting any creepy come-ons from complete strangers. It’s a trade-off I’m willing to accept.
Because TrueFlirt is really just a fancy text message, the app will only work with iPhone, iPod touch users are out of luck.
Technically, iPhone users can flirt with anyone. In practical use, without the app digital flirtations just aren’t as much fun. Phone numbers not attached to an iPhone, or those that don’t have a TrueFlirt app installed, will receive a text message with a link to view their flirt online. The flirt is just a photo with text, no interaction, music or pre-set responses. (Of course, if you really love your honey, you’ll buy them an iPhone with TrueFlirt pre-installed.)
TrueFlirt comes with 10 flirts: 3 Playful, 4 Romatic and 3 Sexy. Viximo is already harnessing the power their user-generated virtual gift network to entice their artists to create more flirts. Additional flirts will be sold as packs through the App Store at a later date.
You know that little tummy-flip you get when your beloved sends you a smiley text? TrueFlirt’s interactive text messaging is like riding the Zipper at the county fair. Viximo is taking flirting to a whole other level.
For a sneak peak at some of the available flirts, check out the TrueFlirt YouTube videos. Or, read more about Viximo and TrueFlirt’s VixML platform in AppCraver’s Viximo interview from last week.
Editor’s Note: TrueFlirt is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special sale. Get TrueFlirt now for just $3.99.