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JumiOne - Full Access to your Windows PC (AppStore Link)
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JumiOne - Full Access to your Windows PC
Developer: Michael Badichi
Price: free Download on the App Store

JumiOne distinguishes itself among apps that control a PC through the iPhone.

JumiOne is the flagship app for a family of free and paid apps that allow you to control practically any function or command on a PC. Not only can you scroll through web pages or documents by using your device as a virtual mouse, but there are more sophisticated controls for those who want to run their entire computer.

It is most functional when performing basic mouse duties or acting as a remote control for media capabilities. The free options allow for mouse control, custom application remotes and turning a web camera into a spycam.The most basic features dominate the free apps, while more sophisticated options will require an in-app purchase.

Setup is very easy. It requires a download from the JumiOne site. After choosing a password all you need to do next is launch JumiOne, tap on "Connect." Your device should auto-discover the connected PC.

Navigating the mouse with JumiOne was easy and could be very useful, especially for controlling iTunes or other media services. However, the mouse may jump from time to time as it did during testing. Also, the basic versions are constantly advertising the advances features you are missing out on, such as "Want to work in zoom? Please upgrade." After a while upgrading is worth it just to get rid of the annoying messages.

The wide variety of functions available in the premium apps are impressive in scope. For example, the options include using an iPhone to control the web cam, instantly turning it into a nannycam to spy on any goings-on at your house.

The biggest downside is the functions in JumiOne are only available for Windows users. Mac users are left out, which will likely disappoint many who have adopted the iPhone, iPad and Mac triumvirate. While JumiOne is free, expect to opt for one of the upgrade options in order to get increased functionality.

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    Control Your Desktop and More with JumiOne: JumiOne distinguishes itself among apps that…

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