Picking an ideal name for your YouTube gaming channel is key to building a distinctive brand and attracting viewers. Your YouTube channel name forms the core identity of your gaming brand. It’s the first thing viewers notice about your channel.

A creative, memorable name piques the audience’s interest and gets more clicks, while a boring one fails to stand out. By strategically dedicating time to research and brainstorming gaming channel name ideas, you can establish a stellar brand that resonates with your target viewers.

This becomes your virtual identity as a gamer. This detailed guide provides extensive name suggestions across various categories and tips for selecting the perfect YouTube gaming channel name.

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250+ Best YouTube Gaming Channel Names

Best Names For Gaming Channels for YouTube

Let’s get you the best YouTube gaming channel names for a new start. These names will relate to your personality. Pick whatever suits your content best! 

  • Pixelverse
  • GamePro
  • EpicGamez
  • ProGamer
  • GameOn
  • GamingBeast
  • GameHour
  • PixelAce
  • GameSphere
  • RetroArcade
  • PurpleGamer
  • MinecraftMania
  • Blockheads
  • CraftLord
  • CubicMayhem
  • Mineverse
  • PixelCraft
  • StormCaster
  • CreeperVille
  • SkeletonWars
  • ZombiePig
  • BattleBeast
  • SoldierGaming
  • DutyCalls
  • SniperElite
  • SpecialOps
  • StealthShooter
  • CombatAce
  • PUBGLegend
  • FryingPanPro
  • ChickenDinner
  • BattlegroundsMaster
  • PanFryGaming
  • GunnerPG
  • RifleGaming
  • ShotgunRaider
  • DesertEagleGamer
  • AK47Legend
  • M416Master
  • WarChief
  • GoldRaiders
  • TroopWarriors
  • DynastyClash
  • CastleClash
  • ArmyOfClash
  • GamerBhai
  • KhelKudGamer
  • GamingKeDeewane
  • GameOnBhai
  • MortalGaming
  • RawKneeGaming
  • CarryIsLive
  • Mythpat
  • TotalGaming
  • LokeshGaming
  • MemoGaming
  • GyanGaming
  • RakazoneGaming
  • ThugGaming
  • BeastBoyShub
  • TwoSideGamers
  • GhostGaming
  • AghoriGaming
  • VillainGaming
  • TriggeredGaming
  • FatalGaming
  • VenomGaming
  • SlayerGaming
  • ArrowGaming
  • BullsEyeGaming
  • SniperGaming
  • TargetDown
  • BoomShotGaming
  • CounterAttackGaming
  • SoldierGaming
  • ArmyUniformGaming
  • CombatMaster
  • SpecialForcesGaming
  • StealthSniperGaming
  • SilentAssasinGaming
  • ShadowWarfareGaming
  • BlackopsGaming
  • TaskForceGaming
  • DeltaForceGaming
  • UltimateSoldier
  • BattleStriker
  • FutureCombat
  • MechWarrior
  • CyborgGaming
  • AndroidGaming
  • TitanGaming
  • FutureWarfare
  • SpaceTrooper
  • PixelPro
  • GameWizard
  • EpicBattles
  • ProMLGGamer
  • LetsGameOn
  • GamingWarrior
  • GameHourly
  • AcePixel
  • SphereGames
  • RetroGamez
  • PurpleGamerz
  • CraftManiac
  • BlockyHeads
  • CubicMadness
  • Mineversee
  • StormyCaster
  • CreeperTown
  • SkeletonFights
  • BattleBeastt
  • SniperElitist
  • SpecOpGaming
  • StealthyShooter
  • PubgyLegend
  • PanFriedGaming
  • GroundsMaster
  • GunnerProGamer
  • ShottyRaider
  • M416Pro
  • WarChiefGaming
  • DynastyClasher
  • CastleSmashers
  • GamingBros
  • KhelKudGamers
  • MortalGamers
  • MythpatGaming
  • MemoGamers
  • RakaZoneGaming
  • ThugGamez
  • TwoSideGamez
  • AghoriGamez
  • TriggeredGamers
  • VenomGaminggs
  • ArrowGaming
  • SnipesGaming
  • BoomShotzGaming
  • CounterGaming
  • SpecialGaming
  • FutureGaming
  • MechGamez
  • AndroGamers
  • SpaceTrooperz
  • GameProMax
  • ProGamingKing
  • GameBeastXXX
  • GameHour247
  • GameSphere3D
  • PurpleGamingness
  • BlockCraftLegends
  • PixelVerseMC
  • CreeperVilleMC
  • PUBGPros
  • FryingPanLegends
  • BattlegroundElite
  • ClashOfLegends
  • HindiGamerBhai
  • KhelKudGaming
  • Gamexperts
  • Joystick Junkies
  • Pixel Perfection
  • Video GameVision
  • KeySmashGaming
  • The Gameographers
  • Gamerholix
  • Killstreak Kings
  • FragOutGaming
  • NoScopeNation
  • ClutchOrKick
  • Pentakillers
  • SmurfSlayers
  • TryhardLegends
  • Microplay
  • Gaming Guy
  • LevelUpCrew
  • GameCrunchers
  • GamerFuel
  • RedbullGamers
  • DoritoGaming
  • Dewritos
  • CheetosGaming
  • DewMaster
  • FritoLayGaming
  • OreoGamers
  • SkittlesSquad
  • Speedrunners
  • AnyPercenters
  • SpeedyGamez
  • Dash Gamers
  • Sanic Gotta Go Fast
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • One Upping
  • Button Bashers
  • Joystick Jockeys
  • Click Clack
  • WASD Warriors
  • PwnagePrincess
  • Frag Dolls
  • PikaChix
  • Girlgamers
  • QueenofGames
  • gaemgrlz
  • gurlgamer
  • Femme Fatale
  • Mortal Beauties
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Hermione Danger
  • Game of Thrones
  • Skyrim Legends
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Mob of the Dead
  • Nuketown Veterans
  • Dust II Defenders
  • Inferno’s Angels
  • Vertigo’s Victors
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Pyramid Plunderers
  • Temple Treasures
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Dungeon Crawlers
  • Loot Hoarders
  • Gold Diggers
  • Gem Collectors
  • Treasure Hunters

Best gaming name for YouTube channel (Unique Bonus Names)

Best Names For Gaming Channels for YouTube Guide

Here are some more bonus gaming channel name ideas and the categories that you use! 

1. Catchy & Memorable Names

Short, crisp names that are catchy and easy to remember to create maximum impact and stand out. We have mentioned many memorable names to give your gaming channel a new look! 

  • EpicGamez
  • ProGamer
  • GameBeast
  • PixelAce
  • Shadow Storm
  • AllThingsGaming
  • GameSlayer
  • OddSquad
  • ArcadeAces
  • WinnerWinner

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2. Humorous Gaming Channel Names

If you add humour to your channel name, you will definitely grab eyeballs and entertain viewers. The funny names will add a new element to your gaming channel.

  • LolGamer
  • N00bSmasher
  • RageQuitGaming
  • PixelRage
  • LaughNRespawn
  • Goosebumps Gums
  • BeBetter
  • YouAreANoob
  • Time Of Madman
  • MesseGamer

Classy & Sophisticated Name Suggestions

Need a classy name for your sophisticated YouTube channel? We have got that covered! You can convey your slick gaming vibe to your audience through polished and sophisticated names like the following!

  • MysticArcade
  • NeonGamer
  • CyberGamez
  • RadGaming
  • GamersValley
  • SacredGaming
  • Game Bees
  • Connect Shoot
  • Spartan Gaming
  • Zone Gaming

Align Names To Specific Games

If you pick a name for your YouTube gaming channel similar to your content, it will help the audience understand better. Like that, you will be able to attract the right type of audience.

If you enjoy strategy games, you might also like playing nulls clash. It’s a fun way to test your planning and strategy skills against others online. Your channel name should always resonate with audiences of popular games, and by using relevant names like the following, you can do that!

1. Minecraft Channel Name Ideas

Best Channel Name For Gamers
  • Blockverse
  • CubicMayhem
  • CraftMania
  • MinecraftPro

2. PUBG Gaming Channel Names

  • BattlegroundsMaster
  • PanFryGaming
  • ChickenDinner
  • PUBGPro

3. Clash of Clans Name Suggestions

  • WarChiefGaming
  • GoldRaiders
  • TroopWarriors
  • DynastyClash

4. Hindi Gaming Channel Name Ideas

  • GamerGuru
  • GameOnBhai
  • KhelKudGamer
  • GamingKeDeewane

Tips for Picking the Best YouTube Gaming Channel Names

Best Names For Gaming Channels for YouTube in 2023

Naming your new gaming channel name is the first and most important step. Here, we have outlined a few tips that will help you decide a good name for your channel.

1. Keep it Short and Simple

Choose names that are short, punchy, and easy to remember. For example:

  • GamePro
  • PixelAce
  • GameHour

Stay away from long, complex names. Be crisp and concise. Simple names have more retention and work better as gaming brands.

2. Make it Unique

Brainstorm gaming names that are one-of-a-kind. For instance:

  • PurpleGamer
  • StormCaster
  • PixelCraft

Research thoroughly to ensure your name is totally unique and not already taken. Duplicate names only create confusion.

3. Check Availability

Verify name availability on YouTube and relevant web domains before selection. Short, memorable, and unique gaming names help build dedicated audiences. So pick smartly after thorough brainstorming!

4. Avoid Numbers and Symbols

Steer clear of names like Gamer2.0 or G@mingTube, as they make recall difficult.

5. Don’t Use Offensive Words

Avoid profanity or offensive terms that can get your channel banned.

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How to Change Your Channel Name on YouTube?

Follow these simple steps to change your existing gaming channel name on YouTube:

1. Go to the YouTube Studio dashboard and click on ‘Customization’ from the left menu.

2. Under ‘Basic Info’, click the edit icon next to your current channel name.

3. In the text field, enter the new gaming channel name you want.

4. Check if the new name is available and not in use by any other channel.

5. Once done, click on ‘Save’ to change and update your channel name.

It may take a few hours for the new name to reflect on YouTube. Use this opportunity to change your channel’s name and artwork if needed to represent your gaming brand better. Just ensure you pick a name strategically after thorough research.


Picking the perfect gaming channel name requires balancing creativity, gaming style, and strategic considerations. The ideal unique name grabs attention fast and helps build your viewership and subscriber base on YouTube. We hope we have helped you decide a good name for your gaming channel. Feel free to drop your gaming channel name here if you have some ideas and think of a great name.


1) What Is The Best Gaming Channel Name For Boys?

The best gaming channel names for boys are The Gamer Boy, Smash Gaming, Infinite Gaming, Unique Identity, and Captain Fun!

2) How Do I Choose A Gaming Channel Name? 

If you pick a name for your YouTube gaming channel similar to your content, it will help the audience understand better. Just keep it memorable and fun!

3) What Is The Best Gaming Channel Name For Free Fire?

The best gaming channel names for Free Fire are Sharp Gamer, Gaming Hunter, Free Fire Fun, and Pro Sniper. 

4) Which Are The Cool YouTube Names For Gamers?

The coolest names for a gaming channel are Gaming Fanatics, Game Slayer, Just Play, and The Winning Squad. 

5) Is There Cool Gaming Channel Name Ideas In 2023?

Yes! The names you could use for your gaming channel can be Gaming With Friends, Tough Squad, Geeky Gamer, Not A Noob, and Nerd Gaming Gang.

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