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iPhone update: 150,000 sold per day, and rising

According to tech news site tomsguide, analysts are increasing their estimates for iPhone3g sales (and mac) across the board.
The numbers are staggering: estimates for the quarter (July/Aug/Sep) are now running at 5 million units, up from previous estimates of 3-4 million, and last years numbers of 1.1 million / quarter.

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iPhunny Jokes is Pretty Funny

iPhunny Jokes is a very simple app that showcases some of the latest material from Conan O Brian, Letterman and Leno. I would say that 8 out of 10 of the jokes are funny enough that you will want to forward them on to your friends, and the app makes that extremely easy to do, by integrating with you contact list.

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Aurora Feint Crash

Aurora Feint has gotten great reviews from just about everyone who has played it. Unfortunately, a lot of people can't play it. For a substantial number of people who have downloaded the app, including me, the app crashes every time you try to load it.

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Jacks or Better Could Be a Lot Better

The app known as "Free Video Poker" or "Jacks or Better" is a very rough, 1990s DOS type video poker program from large, Irvine CA based MobilityWare. 
As the screenshot shows, the interface is a far cry from a Las Vegas style video poker machine.

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Flipbook is Fun for all Skill Levels

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Flipbook is a fun app that is much more sophisticated than it lets on. For an iPhone app with such a low price, Flipbook contains an incredible level of features -- color and brush size controls, layers and onion-skinning, undo, the ability to load pics from and save images to your photo library. These are robust tools.

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Pogo Stylus is Finger-Slidin' Good

While I may have been "born with the ultimate pointing device" (according to Steve Jobs), my fingers are a bit oversized when it comes to creating fine detail. It's a problem I've gotten used to when typing text messages, but now that drawing apps are available, it's time to find a better solution.

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