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Make Your Voice Sound Crazy in Real Time with Voicemod

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There are plenty of voice modification apps in the App Store, but voicemod for iOS comes with a unique twist. Rather than recording the user’s voice in advance, then altering the recording after the fact, voicemod makes your voice sound crazy in real time.

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Try Not to Die in Falling Fred

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While on its surface Falling Fred might seem like another sadistic gore-fest, along the lines of DoodleBoy, it’s actually a nice little action title with a good sense of humor. It can still get pretty bloody, though.

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Mix and Match Faces with MugMash!

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Ever wonder what your kids would look like with dad’s beard or grandpa’s bald head? How about wondering what you’d look like with short hair or someone else’s eyes? A true fun-with-photos experience, MugMash!

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LastStandStan Brings Arcade-Style Action to iPhone Gaming

The iPhone makes a great gaming platform, don’t get me wrong. And the popularity of iOS has created a kind of renaissance of handheld gaming. That much is certain. The problem is that many-- maybe most-- developers don’t understand that making a successful game for iOS means working within the limitations of the device.

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Bet Agenda Keeps Your Gambling Record Straight

While the expression “There’s an app for that” has moved from advertising slogan to cliche, and wound up a punchline, sometimes there just isn’t a better way to capture the sense of novelty that comes along with the discovery that there’s yet another thing that crazy iPhone can do.

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Strategic Foursight Makes You Play Both Sides

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Anyone who enjoys simple but strategic board games should have the foresight to download this game while the price is right. An intelligent mix of tic-tac-toe, connect four and chess, Foursight is an enjoyable board game available for iPhone and iPad.

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