iWorldApps is delighted to announce the release of their latest educational app, “Practice Mathematics 2,” on September 8th 2012. Practice Mathematics 2, is aimed at 7 to 11 year old children, as well as parents and teachers of these age groups, and indeed anyone looking to revise this level of mathematics. “Practice Mathematics 2″ is exclusively available on iPad, and is on sale now in the App Store, priced at £1.49 for UK users and $1.99 for those in the United States, although the app is available for download by Apple customers across the world. A reduced functionality free version of “Practice Mathematics 2″ will be released in the near future. “Practice Mathematics 2″ is the sequel to the original “Practice Mathematics,” educational app, which is aimed at a younger age demographic.
“Practice Mathematics 2″ is an easy to use educational application, and is ideal for teachers and parents looking to affirm and reinforce learning already completed in the classroom. This educational app covers seven key numeracy skills, all of which are a central part of the “Key Stage 2″ school curriculum for 7-11 years olds in the United Kingdom. The mathematics skills covered are decimals, percentages, angles, shapes, time, money [using the iPad\’s localisation], and fractions.
“Practice Mathematics 2″ contains ten different games to help keep children engaged and ensure that learning is fun and varied at all times. “Practice Mathematics 2″ also uses an in-game rewards system, where there are 12 achievements for the user to unlock. This feature serves not only as an excellent motivation tool encouraging the child or user to practice and improve their skills, but also as an accurate gauge of mathematics progress for a parent or teacher.
Upon launching “Practice Mathematics 2,” iWorldApps stated that they are aiming to create an innovative collection of unique, enjoyable, educational applications for both children and adults. iWorldApps plans to ensure that each app is simple, fun, and rewarding to use, while continuing to focus on the primary objective of facilitating and encouraging learning at many levels. “Practice Mathematics 2″ is the third in a series of educational apps, following “Practice Mathematics” and “Practice English,” and iWorldApps plans to release many similar apps across a broad range of subject areas in the future.
On sale now, Practice Mathematics 2 (v1.0) is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.