Are you tired of scrolling and searching to access your special iPhone photos again? Do you think it is not fun to create lots of albums? Use Photohook, the app giving you the simplest and fastest access to your preferred photos and to the ones that were taken at the same time. When something special happens and you take pictures, as time goes they sink deeper and deeper among all the others stored on your device. Developed by Roundsight LLC, Photohook lets you jump directly to the photos you want to preserve. No matter how long ago they have been shot. With Photohook, you organize your few very best photos without feeling it.
Simply and quickly decide which photos should be saved from slow disappearance through sinking at the bottom of the library:
1. In the Photohook app, tap on a picture to preserve it
2. Later, easily jump back to that picture any time you want
3. Access the pictures taken before or after the destination picture too
When looking at photos, Photohook lets you move your device to the left or to the right in front of your eyes to see other parts of the picture, thereby simulating a bigger virtual image (gyroscope-based movement tracking). If you do not want to move the iPhone in front of your eyes, you can choose to rely on the usual pinch and drag gestures to decide which parts of the picture you want to see. Direct map access is provided for geotagged photos.
Photohook 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.